Bears are Taking Over

It’s freezing out! Literally! 23 degrees with a chill factor of 10. So I’m inside, just finished up three bear orders, one for an author, Cora Blu, and two for newborn personalized baby gifts–all made in Texas.Years ago, I was at a craft show selling my bears and a lady asked if I bought them somewhere. I said no, that I made them from scratch.

“Well,” she said, “where did you buy the heads?”

“Well, you see there’s this arms dealer–who sometimes sells bodies, legs, and if I’m really lucky, heads,” I wanted to say. But of course, I said, again, “I make them from scratch. I buy the material, and make them from… scratch.” What else could I say? She didn’t look convinced. I do have a lot of headless bears in a plastic container right now. Some without legs, just the bodies and arms connected, some just without heads. But that’s because it’s the hardest to get right, so I often leave them to last to sew up. 🙂  That’s the bear pictured in the middle. Lots of little light brown headless, and some legless, bears right now. 🙂



My bears are all done for Christmas!

Now with the heater cranked up, it’s time to get back to A Hero of a Highland Wolf and reread it again.

And of course, now I have TWO audiobooks to approve! Things keep stacking up.

I finished rereading A Highland Wolf Christmas, so once Dottie sends me the edits and I can go back over it another time, I can turn it in.


And then? It’s back to Jaguar Pride! I have 1000 words written on it. 🙂

So not going anywhere until the deep freeze goes away. Good thing I don’t live in a really cold place or I’d have to suck it up and get used to it. LOL Waving at Donna! Have a lovely Saturday! Just doing blogs and then it’s off to read A Hero of a Highland Wolf one last time.


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

4 thoughts on “Bears are Taking Over

  1. Fantastic Bears Terry, I did have to chuckle about the cold comments, Right now it is 5 with wind chill of -4, still better than when I got up it is -8 with wind chill -15 today. We hope to get up to 14 today. Quite a winter this country is having!

  2. Marg, thanks! LOL, I know. But when it’s 83 degrees one day and drops by 40 degrees the next, we don’t have time at all to acclimate!!! 🙂 Then it dropped way below that. -15 would be way too cold for me! 🙂 But it’s perfect for the Christmas mood!!!

  3. Been worried about you, stay warm and inside ! I love your bears and since I have a great T-shirt a sexy wolf to join me in bed I need a bear to keep me company. I’ll get back with you on that, take care.


  4. LOL, you’re so welcome, Lori! I’m staying home and not going anywhere!!! Not until it warms up a bit. 🙂 Been working on edits and bears and audiobooks. 🙂 So totally staying busy. 🙂

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