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Bears are Taking Over

It’s freezing out! Literally! 23 degrees with a chill factor of 10. So I’m inside, just finished up three bear orders, one for an author, Cora Blu, and two for newborn personalized baby gifts–all made in Texas.Years ago, I was at a craft show selling my bears and a lady asked if I bought them somewhere. I said no, that I made them from scratch.

“Well,” she said, “where did you buy the heads?”

“Well, you see there’s this arms dealer–who sometimes sells bodies, legs, and if I’m really lucky, heads,” I wanted to say. But of course, I said, again, “I make them from scratch. I buy the material, and make them from… scratch.” What else could I say? She didn’t look convinced. I do have a lot of headless bears in a plastic container right now. Some without legs, just the bodies and arms connected, some just without heads. But that’s because it’s the hardest to get right, so I often leave them to last to sew up. 🙂  That’s the bear pictured in the middle. Lots of little light brown headless, and some legless, bears right now. 🙂



My bears are all done for Christmas!

Now with the heater cranked up, it’s time to get back to A Hero of a Highland Wolf and reread it again.

And of course, now I have TWO audiobooks to approve! Things keep stacking up.

I finished rereading A Highland Wolf Christmas, so once Dottie sends me the edits and I can go back over it another time, I can turn it in.


And then? It’s back to Jaguar Pride! I have 1000 words written on it. 🙂

So not going anywhere until the deep freeze goes away. Good thing I don’t live in a really cold place or I’d have to suck it up and get used to it. LOL Waving at Donna! Have a lovely Saturday! Just doing blogs and then it’s off to read A Hero of a Highland Wolf one last time.


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