Brilliant Thoughts


Ever have one?

You know. That most brilliant idea that you want to put down on paper. You want to use in your story. You want to use to accomplish something big today. You want to tell your best friend or your significant other. It’s there, right there, and then when you need it most, its gone. Just poof! Like a genie vaporizing into his bottle and he won’t come out no matter how much you coax and entice and threaten.

Nope. That brilliant idea is gone. Forever.

It’s not that easy coming up with brilliant ideas. Really. That’s what makes them so brilliant. If we have them all the time then they’d become the average, just another regular idea. No, the brilliant ideas are just every once in a while ideas which make them so special. So next time you have one, be sure to capture it on paper. And then, you’ve got it! Forever. For all eternity.

What if no one else who hears your brilliant idea thinks it’s all that brilliant?

Maybe it’s better not to tell anyone. Then we can continue to know how much merit it has!

The characters in my stories do tell each other their brilliant plans. And sometimes they are. In theory. But in practice,  it can have the domino effect–one falling into another until they all fall down.

But hey, if that happens–no problem. Just come up with another brilliant idea!

I’m still trying to remember mine. What about you?

bc431-elklastyear28800x78729 This elk was thinking of charging the car–rutting season, Omaha, Nebraska. A brilliant thought?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”


4 thoughts on “Brilliant Thoughts

    • That’s a great idea! 🙂 When I had my brilliant idea, I was doing something, and thought I’d write it down later. 🙂 Then it’s gone… later. 🙂

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