Do You Daydream?

In my Demon Guardian Series, one of the teens has out of body experiences, which causes her to appear to be daydreaming in school. In Deidre’s Secret, the teen story, and her story as a grownup in Bound by Danger, Deidre has premonitions of things that will occur, and so again, people oftentimes believe she is daydreaming.

Don’t both of those situations sound a lot cooler than: I zoned out and was daydreaming? Only it’s no fun, because they can’t tell anybody that, who would ultimately believe them.

So the thing of it is–I’m not really daydreaming. I’m plotting my next great novel. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What about you? Have a perfectly good excuse for zoning out when someone’s talking to you–the teacher (sorry, Prof), parents, the boss, friends, the dog (this one’s for you, Tom!)

You see, there’s nothing more boring than telling the truth, sometimes. So make up a good story!

In the moon shot I shared yesterday, the moon wasn’t really great, but I wanted to show off the North Star above it. With this one, I thought it was cool that the moon was reflected off the clouds as if it was reflecting off water.

Full Moon Glowing off Clouds (533x800)

Back to Jaguar Pride!

And no more daydreaming or out-of-body experiences or psychic phenomenon for me. Strictly time for writing.

What about you?


7 thoughts on “Do You Daydream?

    • Too many things to do, not enough time! 🙂 And I’m back at it again. But I’ve got to take in a bunch of bears to the post office to find out the shipping cost. So that’s first thing, then back to writing on Jaguar Pride. 🙂

  1. That is a great pic. I daydream when I first wake up in the morning when I am drinking my coffee. I have been meaning to tell you that when you sent those fog pictures and I said we don’t get fog that often we had a lot of fog ever since, including last night. Heavy fog. I kind of laughed. It is the weirdest thing to happen just as I said that. Oh well maybe Terri had one of her Mage send some my way. Have a great day!!!!

    • LOL, Pam, that’s too cute about your fog. A mage, possibly. One of the fae who is also a mage, very probably. 🙂 LOL When I’m waking up, I’m thinking about the next scene in a book. 🙂

      • LOL I meant to say Fae… When I was a young girl I use to like to sit in the house and write small stories but my dad got mad and said to go outside and play. We lived alone together. I think thats why I always liked reading. I wish he would have let me follow what I wanted to do but he for some reason didn’t think what I was writing was appropriate. I don’t remember what it was but since I was only like 11 yrs old or so and didn’t have a clue about anything it couldn’t have been much. It was the late 1950’s so who knows what older people thought then. I remember having little stories around the house tied together with strings till he threw them out. 50 some yrs ago…hmm long time. I always wished that I could have grown up in these times when it is more progressive.

        No matter what I could never keep up with you. Loved Silence of the Wolf!!! Keep em coming!!!!

    • Hey, Diane, that would work! 🙂 Sometimes, I think over scenes. It’s punishment for not going to sleep. Then it wears me out….or, I end up turning the light back on and writing a scene down. One night, I ended up writing about 4,000 words. Then that put me to sleep. LOL

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