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Have you ever had something you don’t like forever and ever and ever and so forth, and you’ve been meaning to get rid of it, change it out, whatever, in forever?

I created a website a millennium ago and no matter how many times I changed the theme or deleted stuff or tried to reorganize it, it was just downright messy looking. I kept seeing other sites and wishing I had one like that. I hired someone to do a website for me, which would be fine if I didn’t have so many releases a year (a good thing) or want to change things up a lot (a bad thing) that I really needed to be able to do this myself.

Now, I’m busy. Really. I have blogs, emails, FB socials (you know, all that messaging and commenting that I just can’t ignore!) and I’ve got blog tours coming up (this equates to 1,000 words per guest blog, which can be as much as 40 blogs, which can equal half a book), a book I’m currently writing, more edits coming in, a print book to proof, you know, the usual.

But my website has been nagging at me. Every once in a while, something happens that makes me think about it again. I spent maybe two days trying to figure out how to configure one on WordPress. I swear, sometimes I can  be REALLY slow. But then, I got it. And then I’d run into another snag. Plus, I had deadline after deadline after deadline, so I put it on a back burner again. But it really, really embarrassed me to show off my awful website. *sigh*

Yesterday, I had 110 visits to my werewolf page, 270 to my main page. The closer I get to a release, the more hits I have. Sooo, I really, really wanted to have the new website in place.  I love it. Even if it’s not the “greatest most professional creation that a real web designer could design,” I love it. And that’s the main thing. It’s mine. I can play with it, when I have time. I can change it, update it, have fun with it. Change the theme if I decide I don’t like it, or decide to lean toward a different genre.

I have to say that I DID try to figure out Tripod, which had a new way of setting up a website and was much nicer than the old ones, but I could NEVER figure out how to use it. So I tried. 🙂 Really.

Now, what else can I get rid of that I have been wanting to for eons?

Do you have stuff like that that you put off because it’s too much trouble, but you know if you ever get it done, you will wish you did it a long, long time ago and could have enjoyed it for a long, long time instead of waiting and waiting and waiting on it?

Well, maybe this is the time to get right on it!

Have a super delightful Saturday. I am the proud owner of a cool new website. I hope everyone likes it, but if you don’t, you should have seen the old one! :)– Oh, and I’m still working on it! I just finally had to bite the bullet and publish it and will continue to update it as I have time. 🙂

female wolf close up

This is the female alpha wolf I took a picture of in Omaha. 🙂

My new website is nice and wolfish! Like this blog. And it has the same color scheme to give a unified look. Okay, working on the website means I’m a 1,000 words behind on my book for this week. You know, it’s really all mind games. I’m at 59,000, when I only figured on reaching 50,000 this week. 🙂 But I always revise up, so this week it’s 60,000 and I’m a thousand behind. 🙂

Mind games. Works every time. 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

7 thoughts on “New Website!!

    • I love it too. I’m thinking of only being on my wordpress and booklikes. Facebook has gotten way too crazy for me. So has twitter.I think blogging will be more my style.

      • I love blogging. Speaking of which, I’ve got to write up a couple more for ones I do. But I love FB, too. 🙂 Thanks on the website! 🙂 Twitter is great for quick announcements, but I don’t get into it like some do. Not enough time to do everything. 🙂

    • Hey, Debra, thanks so much!!! I still need to make some of the text on the pages more uniform, but I wanted to finally just get the website up! 🙂 I could be “fixing” it forever. 🙂

  1. I loved your new website.!!!!! I see you have Silence of the Wolf on the site. I so enjoyed the ARC I was lucky enough to receive. Your fans are going to love it. Great story! Love visiting them Silver boys and all our old friends from Silver town. Thanks Terry for another enjoyable read!

    • Thanks, Pam!!! Yes, I’m finally able to get things a little more organized. On the old site, it didn’t have a way to do drop down menus. Right now, if you click on some of the wolf covers, they’ll take you to pages that I created on the old site, but eventually I’ll create those pages on this one. I could have worked on this forever, but needed to get my word count in on Jaguar Pride. I’m so glad you enjoyed Tom’s story! I love that cover! I pitched A Silver Wolf Christmas to my editor and she’s taking it to acquisitions, so we’ll see. 🙂

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