Bears and Books!

Way before I was writing books, well, I was writing children’s books, I was making teddy bears that won awards and have been featured in magazines and newspapers. When the Internet came into existence, I scrambled to get a website because the time of going to craft shows had to be expanded. I wanted to reach out across the world. And so I did!

I’ve sold all over the US, Canada, France, Belgium, Australia, South Africa, Kazakhstan and Russia! This tells me that teddy bears are loved universally!!!!

I make them from scratch and personalize them when needed. I did embroidery work since I was young, and this was a way for me to still do it (my family had enough embroidered pictures that they were definitely glad when I had another outlet for my handwork)!

Karen Bear 002 (640x593)MacPherson Clan Bear 002 (427x640)Thomas Bear 002 (640x427)aIsla Bear 001 (640x427)

These four bears are off to Australia. There’s one more, but her sweater didn’t come in on time. The two mohair bears, Isla and Thomas are new twins. 🙂

I’m working on a Campbell bear and he’s nearly done. Picture tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day! Only 5200 words left on Jaguar Pride and I’m excited to finish it. It won’t be all the way finished, as I’ll have to edit it. But that’s the really fun part. 🙂 Making the story truly come to life.

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

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