Going to the Birds!!

I finished a first “official” edit of Jaguar Pride, but will make several passes through before I send it to my beta readers. I have a scene I need to add, and a couple of loose ends I need to cover. But I needed to take a break from it and start fresh with it tomorrow.

Which means? I started on the 13 guest blogs and interviews for the Silence of the Wolf blog tour in March. Before long, it will be time to turn them in. (5 down, 8 to go) I also read 4 of the 8 Rita books I needed to judge and they are due in March. So it all takes time.

But… I had to take a break, so see what I did on my break?

I took pictures! I read about another author who had bird feeders out and so she got a new camera and took some fun pictures of the birds and squirrels, and I thought how cool! And another friend tells me how she’s always refilling her bird feeders in snow-buried Minnesota, so I thought I would get some bird feeders too. Only nothing’s feeding at them.  I realize from this I’m rather impatient. LOL

Still, the winds were so high, they scattered finch seed from the feeder on the patio, and I had white crowned sparrows feeding. And my male cardinal came down also.

white crowned sparrow2

The female cardinal usually hides, but this evening, she was out with the male, and they were dying to come down and eat some of the sunflower and other seeds I put out for them today. Here is the cardinal in a pear tree. 🙂

cardinal pear tree

And here is the female. He joined her when I came out to take a picture of them, but I missed capturing them together.

IMG_4618 (640x427)

So do you have feeders out and if so, what kinds of birds are you getting?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”


2 thoughts on “Going to the Birds!!

  1. We have 3 feeders out. One for the goldfinch and the other two have reg. bird seed. I use to live in Wichita, Ks, so I know about the Cardinals. Miss having the bright spot of color around. Seemed that mom and dad always had at least one nesting pair in the garden. We have mountain jays that like to visit the feeders and rake the seeds out to get to the few sunflower seeds. That is OK as many birds come and eat it all off the ground. This year we have a large flock of Morning Doves. Usually we have two or three, but this flock is made up of at least twenty of them. We have a couple of different sparrows and what we call Snow Birds. Now to get the rain. We have had only 3″ so far this rainy season. Last year we had over 17″ by this time. And that was called a dry year!

    • Wow on your rain. I had to water because all my ground cover was looking so stressed, and usually in winter it’s okay. 🙁 Neat on the blue jays. I hope to see some. One time I recorded a violent thunderstorm, the pouring rain, the constant thunder, and when I listened to it again, I heard all kinds of birds singing in the rain! It was really cool. The trees are full of birds in the spring and they’re all singing up a storm, but I just rarely see them. So I thought with feeders out, I could actually see them. I think the cardinals eat the red berries off my holly and privet. 🙂

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