Daffodils of Winter

Yes, they’re supposed to be spring flowers. But this is Texas. What do you expect???

daffodils 016 (427x640)daffodils 013 (427x640) (2)daffodils of winter (427x640)

The above pictures were taken in the morning when it was foggy out. The last two at night. More flowers had popped out and I wanted to see what a difference early morning light would have on the pictures compared to low night light. And actually, the pictures below were taken with a regular lenses, and yet they’re very clear compared to the ones I shot in the morning. The ones above were shot with a macro lenses.

night time daffodils 005 (640x427)

And with the coming of spring to Texas, the bugs are starting to really come out too. As you can see, I captured a spider on this daffodil.

night time daffodils 004 (427x640)

So if you’re buried under several feet of snow–remember, spring really, truly is coming!

Do you have any flowers that will be appearing in the spring that brighten your days?

As for me, I’m back to A Highland Wolf Christmas edits. 🙂 Have a super great Monday!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

4 thoughts on “Daffodils of Winter

  1. I have to say the seasons have been pretty crazy in the UK as well. Its officially been winter here, but we’ve not had much in the way of cold weather, although lots of rain. It’s like winter overslept and is on the edge of missing its appointment !

    • Peter, does that mean a really bad time for more insects then? For us, if we don’t have much of a winter, the insects are an even worse problem. Or maybe you’ll have bad weather later? We had snow in April one year, and we rarely have snow. So we never know what’s going to happen. I keep expecting it to get really cold because Feb is normally our coldest month. Normally. 🙂

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