What Goes with Scottish Whisky Tea?

Scottish Whisky tea in an antique Lochs of Scotland cup and saucer from Royal Warwick, Scottie dog shortbread from Walkers, and Cougar’s Mate by Terry Spear. Lovely way to spend the night!
Cougar's Mate, Scottish Whisky tea, Angela Simmons
Thanks, Angela! This was so cute!! I hope you had a lovely nip of whisky tea and Scottie shortbread cookies and were swept away to the world of sexy and fun cougar shifters. LOVED this.
What could be better? Other than sitting in a cool Highland castle while sipping the whisky tea and eating the shortbread cookies and reading Cougar’s Mate, eh?
My fans are the best! And I love pictures like this. 🙂
Okay, here is a picture of the red blood moon as it was going through the eclipse. You can see a speck of star at the top of the moon, and the North Star down below. The wolves came out to howl at the moon to give it some extra ambiance.  And that was what I stayed up until 3 in the morning for yesterday!
full moon eclipse stars and howling wolves (640x521)
I was so close to getting my word count, but had to critique 5 chapters for my critique partner, and still need to get to Hero of  a Highland Wolf edits. Teach me to stay up all night. I’m a morning person, so staying up does not mean I sleep in the next day. Are you that way?
See, I’m a blue sunlight person.
I did bring some of that whisky tea home from Scotland, and thistle tea, etc. Loved it.
So I’m off to do edits and finish up my word count for A SEAL Wolf for Sale.
My week is absolutely running away from me!
Happy Middle of the Week Day!

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