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B. shares her review of JAGUAR HUNT by Terry Spear, new title from Sourcebooks.

Not just a romance, Jaguar Hunt has quite a few interesting secondary characters, especially the teen shifters, whose antics I really enjoyed. They, too, proved themselves perfectly able to handle themselves when trouble started, outmaneuvering the “grown ups” in the story repeatedly. Ms. Spear adeptly offers several convincing possibilities for our nemeses, thereby keeping the mystery of the betrayal at the heart of all the trouble intact for nearly the entire story. Once revealed, however, these bad guys were absolutely loathsome and irredeemable, and I found the ending to their part of the story especially satisfying.

As is true in the other Heart of the Jaguar stories, the romantic involvement of the two main characters is a given, but what makes these shifters so much fun is that the women easily hold most of the power in the dynamic. Sure, Tammy experiences a lot of inner conflict about her feelings for David from the beginning, and David is certainly pulling out all the stops to win her over, but he respects her, and is content to follow her lead, demonstrating a willingness to remove himself from any sexually precarious situations before he pushes Tammy’s boundaries. It’s a nice change from some others I’ve read, and still manages to keep the building romance sexy and fun.

While all of the novels in the Heart of the Jaguar series have followed a similar pattern thus far, they’re still extremely entertaining. Tammy is an enjoyably quick-witted and resourceful character, proving herself invaluable to the resolution of the case, as well as being key to the comedic elements of the story as well. David, already a favorite of mine from the previous story in the series, Jaguar Fever, is both a gentleman and a soldier, occasionally veering into “endearing goofball” territory, but always emerging from the ordeal even more likable than before. These stories really are fun to read, and I’m very excited that there are more still to come.


Having my ceilings repainted where I had water damage and they took the popcorn off the ceilings, and now I’m choking on the dust. I finally had to put on the mask I used for spray painting the wrought iron outside. It’s just not good for your lungs.

And I’m still working on revising A SEAL Wolf for Sale. Finally got to chapter 11, and have 18 chapters, so a ways to go. Hard to concentrate with the painters here every day. But they’re doing a great job and it will look so nice when they are done.

I’ve talked to my publicist about having a Facebook Party, never had one, but have gone to another that an author held and then shared an excerpt, bio, etc and a couple of giveaways on hers. Have another I’m doing for an author on Friday. So I wanted to do one. But my Facebook Fan page doesn’t have a lot of likes. That’s probably because I never go there. So I’m working on that. 🙂

So, if you’ve got time, you can drop by and like away at my Paranormal Romantics Fan Page. I guess I need to list it elsewhere for folks to know it exists.

I’m off to work on SEAL, have a roaring headache from the dust, but will work through it as I need to finish this!

Behind on Her Highland Hero. Four days and counting. *sigh*

If you have Jaguar Hunt already, have you started reading it? Are you liking it?

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