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And this just slipped in yesterday too!
Bitten by Love Review of Silence of the Wolf:

Silence of the Wolf  is Terry Spear’s newest entry in her werewolves series,it fulfills all expectations. A sexy werewolf romance with lots of action to keep you on the edge of your seat and riveted throughout the night. I fell in love with the multi-dimensional characters,especially the yummy-hot alpha hero. Elizabeth Wildwood is wonderful and likable. She’s tough and goes after what she wants with determination.Tom is the definition of hot, sexy and alpha, plus he has a heart of gold. He’s protective of Elizabeth and his pack.And only Terry could write a series where the individuals are always new, the distant connections always just close and far enough away to be exactly right, and the imagination so free to fall so deeply in love.I love the way she links the behavior and pack dynamics of her lupus garou to that of real wolves in the wild.

 I loved this book! It’s one of the absolute best shapeshifter romances I’ve read in a long time. Terry Spear’s take on the werewolf world is incredibly unique and interesting.  It’s obvious she does a lot of in-depth research. This is a fast-paced, entertaining read with twists and turns I would’ve never expected. I highly recommend Silence of the Wolf!!

Jaguar Hunt, hot cats

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“Terry Spear pulls the reader into well paced storyline of suspense, mystery and action; developing friendships; and the introduction to the next generation of potential JAG agents. Not only must David and Tammy search for an elusive and missing jaguar but they are caught in a web of deceit, revenge and betrayal that finds them the target of someone within the force. The secondary characters are colorful; mask their true intent and drive the premise of the storyline. Terry Spear does a terrific job of combining the major and minor players into a tale where you don’t know who is the guilty party or why.

JAGUAR HUNT is a perfect blend of mystery, suspense and romance. The reader is never lost or trying to find their way back to the story. There is always something happening and always a path back to the leading couple and the storyline premise.”“Sandy


The Jeep Diva
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An excerpt from Jaguar Hunt:

“Good night.” David closed his eyes, but he couldn’t stop taking in deep breaths of her jasmine soap and she-cat scent mixed into one delightful fragrance. He couldn’t ignore the beat of her heart – or his – that told him he was way too turned on, and that she was feeling the same way. He couldn’t help feeling the heat of her body and wanting to ratchet it up a few degrees, starting with a kiss.


A kiss. Hell, he’d never gone to bed with a woman when it meant total hands off. But lips…they didn’t count, did they?

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And in other news, and yes, there is other news beyond the release of Jaguar Hunt! The painters were still at the house again after 7 pm.

I have been intermittently working on A SEAL Wolf for Sale, and had 6 chapters left to finish reviewing and revising, when!!!

Sometimes there’s a moment in your life when everything comes crashing to a halt–in the storybook world.

Yes, I had to keep stopping because we ran out of paint for the one bedroom, the popcorn stuff for the one part of the ceiling only emptied halfway and then stopped working, they ran out of mud and tape because it turned out to be a bigger job, they needed paint to patch up where the tape peeled off some of the wall…. So yes, lots of ordeals with the painting job that’s been going on since Sunday.

And then the blog tour, thought I only had 2 things to report this morning and then my publicist sent me this WHOLE list of more sites I was at this afternoon, which is great! But it meant I spent a whole ton of time sharing.

And then….one of my beta readers and I were hashing out some situations as I was revising and everything was going along fine. UNTIL….*play scary music here*

Everything as we know it wasn’t considered in this story. Yep, one of the characters was pregnant in a story five stories ago, how can anyone expect me to remember that far back??? And in fact, out of the 4 of us who have been reading this, she was the only one who caught it after the fact.


Soooooo, we went back to the brainstorming board. She had some ideas, I squashed them. She had some more ideas. I went back to one of her earlier ones and began to research it, and YES! It’ll work. I won’t have to rewrite the whole book!!!

And like I learned something, readers can too when the book comes out. 🙂 I love it when that happens. I still need to make a couple of changes earlier on, and, well, it’s just going to be great. Believe me.

Disaster averted.

One little change can change a whole story.

*very big sigh*

Once the painting and SEAL and the blog tour is done, I’m going to need a break! 🙂

Oh, wait, didn’t I say I was going to finish Her Highland Hero???

Have a super great Thursday!!!



“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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