Fun with Fans & Their Pictures! Last Day of Blog Tour, 10 hours and Counting!

Terree Nelson Lyman dressed in jaguar print copy

Terree and her friend, Nyola, dressed up in jaguar prints to honor the big cats for the release of Jaguar Hunt. And while they were in the forest, look what they found! A mother and her cub. So they’re doing their best jaguar growls and clawing at the photographer to ensure he doesn’t get near the momma and her cub. Thanks to Terree and Nyola for their service to the jaguars.  🙂

Terree Nelson Lyman reading Jaguar Hunt copy

See what happens when you dive into the jaguar’s world? It’s real! Thanks for sharing your photos with me, Terree!

Under the Cover Blog Reviewer tagged me in the CUTEST ever photo of her daughter and her on a camping trip last year… reading in a tent. She gave me permission to share this on my blog.

Now first, I want to say that jaguar shifters and werewolves are into camping, big time. They love the jungles/forests. So it just seems appropriate that she would be reading JAGUAR FEVER on the camping trip.


And in another fan picture posting:

According to her mother, Rhonda, Elysia is already a huge fan of mine. She has always wanted to be a librarian, but wants to write also. When she learned I’ve done both, her mother said I’ve been Elysia’s hero ever since.

Isn’t that the greatest thing ever? To not be able to leap buildings with a single bound, or stop a ship from plowing into a port city single-handed, but to be able to share stories with girls and boys who someday could very well be sharing their own stories and “moving” readers with their adventurous tales for younger generations to read–to me that is the most wondrous thing of all.

Rhonda's daughter reading The Dark Fae at Groundhouse Coffee

A quote from her mom and Elysia: “She is halfway through [The Dark Fae] and said, “OMG Mom this is getting really good!! I can’t put it down!”

And that is the best compliment an author can ever receive.

What could be better than reading The Dark Fae, drinking hot chocolate at Groundhouse Coffee on a lazy summer Sunday afternoon, while mom’s reading a much different book and drinking coffee?

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, Elysia, for loving my stories. And to her mom, who loves my adult stories, too!!! 🙂

If you are reading my books and want a picture shared on my blog, just send it along and I’ll do so!!!

Bad storms hitting area. Had to shut down.

LAST Chance at Giveaways!


Snarky Mom Reads –

Today Snarky Mom is hostessing TERRY SPEAR, author of JAGUAR HUNT, the third in her Jaguar Shifters series!  I’ve read the first two and am currently in the process of reading the third, and they are GGRRRRREAT!   (Oh wait – that was a tiger voice, not a jaguar voice.  Oops.)   While she brought me a hostess gift, it’s not for me – it’s for YOU!  She’s giving away the first three books in this series, in PRINT, to one lucky Snarky Mom Reads reader/commenter!  Check the bottom of the post for a Rafflecopter… and enjoy this talk with Terry! 


For the Love of Bookends –

Already a fan of Ms. Spear’s wolves, I have to say that her jaguars are slowly edging them out for equal time in my heart. I love the steamy environment of the jungle, and definitely want to visit it for myself. Tammy and David were meant for each other, even if they’re partners and really shouldn’t hook up. I found myself laughing and smiling the whole time while reading this book.


The mystery and action in this story kept propelling the story forward and the relationship between Tammy and David was so easy that it builds naturally and easily. I will highly recommend this book, and it’s my new favorite in the Jaguar series.

Blitz Stops

Love Bites and Silk Ties

Wendy Dawn’s Wicked World

Book Nerd

Carrie Reads A Lot

Marygay Leah Justice

Silly Melody

Caitlinallyce’s Mum

I am a good fan of shifter stories and I will say that Terry Spear has written a well thought out story here, it kept me guessing till the end – who the bad guys where.  The hero is a sexy Jaguar shifter and the heroine, also a Jaguar shifter, is a woman who prefers to work alone so she tries to ditch him at the first chance. These characters are very likeable and end up working well together. I give this book 5 stars as it flowed through out the whole story.

Book-a-holic Anon

IMG_6235 (640x374)


Okay, that’s it!!! While I was off the computer due to wild storms, I had water in the house from all the torrential rains. But, when I got back on the computer, I had: an email from my editor about changes to Jaguar Pride, an email about final copyediting of A Highland Wolf Christmas, an email from my publicist about all the last links for the blog tour, and an email for another guest blog post.

What does that mean?????

I’m feeling overwhelmed, of course!!!! So I have to go into hibernation for a while once I get out the blog posts to let everyone know about the end of the blog tour.

Have a super great Monday!

polar bear clarity (800x533)


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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