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Tawny Emperor Butterfly

I ask my Facebook friends. I love it. It’s amazing how great everyone is at finding answers for you. I was busy writing, of course, and I actually am excited to stay that I reached 10,000 words on Call of the Cougar today, after revising a lot of it to go in a new direction, which I often do, but I came across the picture and shared it, wondering if it was a butterfly or a moth.

Some said a moth, had to be. Others thought it was a butterfly. I found one picture that was close, but another friend was like, “No, not quite the same.” So she kept searching, and I kept writing, and then she found it!!!

Well, I’m happy to say that this pretty little fellow is a Tawny Emperor Butterfly.  So thanks to Alicia Jespersen and all her research!

Now,  what’s interesting to note is that they fly really fast. You’ve seen slow moving butterflies, these don’t fly that slow. So I was just lucky to catch this one on the jasmine in various poses. Can’t find the other pictures of this one.

But also what was interesting and what cinched the deal for me was that they love rotting fruit. And so if you want to attract one of these to your habitat, when they normally stay away from inhabited areas, they will come. And that was it!

My pear trees were full of pears and they were dropping constantly and I was having a time keeping after them. So not only were the yellow jackets having a feast, and getting drunk on the fermenting pears, the butterflies were too. Only I didn’t realize that they were butterflies and not moths.

Tawny Emperor butterflies on pears3

yellow jackets Tawny Emperor butterflies pears (640x428)

Back to writing. Going to two conferences practically on top of one another, so need to keep after it because otherwise, I’ll be busy. Oh, and the blog tour coming up for A Hero of a Highland Wolf. I swore I wasn’t going to go to as many conferences next year and am already booked for 4. The 5th one I might not do.

I need time to write, don’t you agree???


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