Dragonflies in Flight & the Dinner Out–the New Art of Conversation

2 dragonflies in flight dragonfly in flight (4)dragonfly in flight

When I water, the dragonflies come buzzing around. But even when I don’t, they do. They must be really smart, unlike birds, and know that when I’m out, I might just be getting ready to water. The birds can’t figure out that if I’m out there, I might be bringing them food or water. Maybe that’s where they come up with the term bird brain? It is hard, well, for me, to catch a dragonfly in flight. They fly very fast, but I had fun capturing these images!

sunflower stretching out2 (640x338)

I took some more pictures of the sunflowers. I love them. They remind me of my dad who had planted them so many years ago and once they are gone, I won’t see them for another year. I particularly loved this one, stretching out.


And a picture is worth a million words, don’t you think?

Dinner Out-the art of conversation (640x441)comicbook

Dinner Out–The Art of Conversation


And yes, while this was going on…I took the picture. 🙂

Okay, I’m back to writing. I only reached 11,000. I was working on setting up a Facebook party for next week for Her Highland Hero Release with some other Highland romance authors. After that, I’ll be doing a Hero of a Highland Wolf one, so stay tuned! And I contracted a narrator who is actually Scottish to do the narration for Her Highland Hero, so excited about that. 🙂

Back to writing!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”


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4 thoughts on “Dragonflies in Flight & the Dinner Out–the New Art of Conversation

  1. Yup are a HOOT! You can take a gorgeous pic! My dinner table has a NO CELL rule, but now I graciously live with my daughter & my future son-in-law and it’s their table, so I have to follow their rules & go with the flow!

    • Thanks, Patty! I don’t normally take my phone out at the table, except once when I was with a friend of my mom’s and she went to the restroom. When she came back, she rolled her eyes. She had been in the restroom! 🙂 Or once when my kids were on their phones and I just pulled mine out for a minute. It’s usually not like this, but it was just one of those fun, gotta-take-the shot moments.

  2. I have been at parties where people use their phones to communicate by showing each other pics. But teens texting at the table is analogous to taking a call during dinner when I was a teen. Bird can be amazingly smart. There was a documentary called, I think, Bird Brains of Britain. I think birds don’t have a sense of smell for water, but of color. And, they are usually not tame. But insects don’t have people fear, or I don’t think they do, and I believe they “smell” water.

    • Steph, I was at the grocery store one day when 3 college age students were all on their phones while at the grocery store. It was just kind of a funny commentary on life as it is now. I’ve called my kids when they’ve visited to see if they wanted anything, but otherwise, I never pull out my phone! Guess it’s just a generational thing. But my daughter did set rules at home. No phones while eating meals at home because this was their time to talk after work. 🙂

      Yes, I’m certain that the insects sense water. Especially dragonflies. They are often near bodies of water. When I watered the other day, the birds were playing in it and it was the first time I’d heard them singing again. 🙂 Too hot and dry here for now. But while I was watering the other day, a hummingbird flew up to get some. I was so surprised. I’ve never seen one here. I have tubular flowers, but none in bloom right now. But they don’t seem to be afraid. And my road runner wasn’t either. 🙂 I was able to take pictures of the cardinals a few times and they were unafraid. And the warning bird will sit high above the crepe myrtle, and I can get quite close to take pictures of him. 🙂 Love it!

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