Riverwalk San Antonio

flowers2 (640x427) And flowers at the Alamo!
Riverwalk bridge (640x427)I’m working furiously to get ready for a big blog tour starting in a couple of days and another conference, but I wanted to show off some lovely pictures of the Riverwalk in San Antonio while I was there a couple of days ago. At least my suitcases are unpacked now. 🙂

Riverwalk 2 (2) (640x427)Okay, back to writing!!! 🙂

Have a super great Tuesday!

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    • I remember one time back when I was in a children’s writers group because I was writing YA and how one author had written a Jewish children’s story. But she didn’t market it. It had a real niche market. She was very involved in the Jewish community, and she had every opportunity to sell to the market. She thought the publisher was in charge of that. When she got notification that her book was no longer going to be carried and she could buy the remaining copies in the warehouse if she wished, she was shocked. She did a big marketing campaign, but it was too late. So she took her book to a small publisher and they published it for her and she really, really marketed it. Unfortunately, as authors, we have to do our own marketing for the most part too. 🙂

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