Steampunk Teddy Bear in Progress

Creating a Steampunk Bear was fun!

Steampunk Bear (588x640)Before I finished with the hat.


Sophia Steampunk Bear

Sophia Steampunk Bear

After I added some antique braid on the hat, an antiqued hand crocheted doily and some feathers. Now she’s ready to go back in time, forward, or just anywhere her heart desires. 🙂

Storms knocked me off the internet again a lot of yesterday, so just getting caught up.

And I’m sooo behind on writing. Finally wrote some in long hand. Which means I have to type it now. Glad for the storms though. We really needed them!

Off to write!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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4 thoughts on “Steampunk Teddy Bear in Progress

    • She’s $45 + $8.75 for shipping. She already sold, but I”m working on another and will post it when I have her finished. Thanks, Dani! 🙂 <3 I do the same thing with these. You can have names put on the paws for no extra charge. The pocket watch actually opens up like a locket. Really cute. 🙂

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