Werewolves for Grownups and Men with Muscles…



Thanks so much to Rhonda Valverde  for mentioning my werewolf books–Heart of the Highland Wolf–when she was interviewed by Woman’s World!!! This was a couple of years ago, but I ran across it on another blog and wanted to show it off again, because I don’t think I have on this one anyway, and it relates to my Highland wolf series as this was the first one in the series, I have a new one out, Hero of a Highland Wolf, and the next one coming up in October is A Highland Wolf Christmas.

Heart of the Highland Wolf

It’s a matter of a pride…and a matter of pleasure.

Book 7



Chapters Indigo

I loved it: Werewolves for Grown Ups! Yes!!! I couldn’t have been more thrilled, and again, want to thank Rhonda for thinking of my wolfish hunks when she was interviewed!!!

A Howl for a Highlander

He’ll do anything to protect the she-wolf.

Book 10


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Now: About MEN with MUSCLES

Someone had posted a comedian’s blurb about how his mother had told him that women didn’t really care about muscles as much as if a guy had a sense of humor. He soon discovered mothers lie.




Chapters Indigo
But just think, if you truly had to live with someone who was dour and sour, humorless but had the most beautiful muscles known to man, or someone who made you smile or laugh on the worst of days, who looked better with his shirt on…be honest! Which would you prefer?
Highland Wolf Christmas-300 (390x640)

Coming in October!




Chapters Indigo

My dad was the world’s biggest tease, which is where I get my inclination from naturally, and when my mom, who could be just as much of a character, asked him why he didn’t have six-pack abs like some guy on TV, he had a funny retort.

My dad did have muscles–which he showed off in his Adonis pose, muscles flexed, but he was leaner and more wiry. And he had the strongest hands in the world. He could unscrew any cap on any jar that was practically unscrewable by human hands–without the use of a wrench or can opener.

So to my mother’s taunts about the six-pack abs?

“They’ll all turn to flab.”

And then he’d push out his belly to indicate what he meant. We’d all grimace and say, “Ewww,” then he’d take a deep breath and suck it all in. And he was dad again. We told him to hold it that way. 🙂

Now, a man with a sense of humor is definitely more desirable to me than a man who has none but is blessed or works at only having a beautiful bod, because when you’re down in the dumps, who can be more uplifting? I don’t mean, physically!

Oh, I know some of you will want both. Why can’t you have both? So in my books, I give readers both, but…in the real world…

Hero of HL Wolf-300 (390x640)




Chapters Indigo

Well, of course Highlanders are going to have gorgeous muscles from swinging the sword to fight their enemies and carrying off the lovely lass–that’s you.

And wolves are going to have beautiful muscles as they exercise on their runs and workouts with the fairer sex–that’s you.

But still…a guy with a sense of humor definitely trumps one without. 🙂

wolf fence looking (640x442) boostWolf at a reserve in Nebraska. It was cold when we were there, but she was perfectly warm. 🙂

Now it’s your turn–what do you think?

I can’t leave the guys out of this one. So if you’re a guy, you have a say too. Would you prefer a muscled girl or one with a sense of humor?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”


2 thoughts on “Werewolves for Grownups and Men with Muscles…

  1. Well, hmmmm, we guys certainly have a reputation for for our enjoyment of “points of VIEW” ha, and however fleeting our moments of pleasure are at least they are recurring! And often! But at the end of the day, I find it impossible to imagine spending very much of my life with someone without a good sense of humor. In filling out the profile for a popular online dating site they asked about one’s humorous side, and the choice I liked best was “I crack myself up”.

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