Morning Glories and the Butterfly

butterfly taking a drink (640x560)

Do you see it? With the golden cornstalks behind the ligustrum, the purple morning glories and the butterfly sipping from the flower?

butterfly taking a drink (2) closeup

Drawing closer.

butterfly surreal (623x640)

A surreal picture of the butterfly, wings spread. Isn’t it cool? Oh, yeah, some would say it’s just a blurry butterfly. But to me, it’s beautiful.

sunflowers among the cornstalks (640x427)

Do you see the beauty in the center of the golden cornstalks?

Okay, I’m off to work on more student lessons! And then it’s off to work on A Silver Wolf Christmas. I was ahead yesterday, which I’ll use today because of having to critique so many lessons. I had to water, which is the reason I saw the butterfly, then had to get the camera, and take pictures, and yes, any excuse, right??? And I haven’t started on proofing Jaguar Pride yet, but that’s next too. AND I’d love to work on more bears. I need more hours in a day! 🙂 <3

Do you ever feel that way?

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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