It’s Raining! It’s Pouring!

We’ve soooo needed this! So yes!!!

Girlfriends Bear

Girlfriends Bear

Little Tin Soldier for Christmas Sweater Bear

Little Tin Soldier for Christmas Sweater Bear

Wizard--golden mohair bear

Wizard–golden mohair bear

Okay, I’m off to get groceries. My cupboards and fridge are bare! Sometimes I like to eat down all I have so that I can start fresh. Ever do that?

Well, it means I’ve had no taters (potatoes) for 3 days and that’s awful! Must be my Irish blood. LOL

I’m 1,000 words behind on my word count on A Silver Wolf Christmas because of critiquing so many student lessons and finishing up Jaguar Pride copyedits. Sooo, after I run errands, I’ve got to knuckle down. 60,000 is the goal for Sunday. I’m at 50,000. If I reach it, next week is 80,000 and I’m done! At least with the first draft. And that’s the most important thing! I know who done it! 🙂 Then I can edit it to my heart’s content, but at least the story is down on paper/monitor. 🙂

🙂 <3

It’s a super great day! It’s RAINING!!!

Have a lovely TGIF!

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