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One of the characteristics of the Heart of the Wolf series that I have enjoyed over and over is the temperament of the main characters. Colleen is an alpha without a true pack of her own, and has been fending for herself ages. Unlike other characters of similar dispositions, however, she is swift to acknowledge when she doesn’t have the full story, and knows the value of making amends. Grant, like his fellow Highlanders before him, is bullheaded but well intentioned, and watching him flounder before changing course was both funny and sweet. Colleen’s reluctant admiration of the other alpha was likewise completely understandable, and I loved seeing them both finally give into their mutual desires. Things get pleasantly steamy between the two quite a few times in this relatively quick read, proving yet again that Ms. Spear has a knack for writing sexy shifters and plenty of lighthearted erotic tension.

While the romance between Colleen and Grant is certainly the most prominent facet of the story, Hero of a Highland Wolf also brings to culmination a long history of greed and betrayal surrounding the estate itself, and nicely ties off all the loose ends uncovered during the course of the narrative. As an event that has been a mainstay of the Heart of the Wolf novels thus far, the bad guy gets it in the end, and watching this particular nemesis meet his unfortunate demise was a guilty pleasure I’d looked forward to since his introduction. While not a surprise, given the pattern these stories follow, the happy ending was very much welcome, and an enjoyable occasion all around.

As is true of Ms. Spear’s other novels I’ve been fortunate enough to read to date, the Heart of the Wolf series has been a lot of fun from the beginning, and this newest addition is no exception. Packed with brawny Highlanders and determinedly capable women, this story has something for just about anyone who appreciates a lighter touch when it comes to shifter romances. With action, kilts, and plenty of humor, Hero of a Highland Wolf is another keeper by one of my favorite authors in the genre, and I sincerely hope that there are no plans to end the series anytime soon. Jen That’s What I’m Talking About




And I completed two special bear orders. Working on another tonight, caught up on student lessons, haven’t even started on A Silver Wolf Christmas’s word count. Need to get going on that!

Only 11,000 words to go! Well, that and I still need to figure out the end. 🙂 <3 Which is keeping me awake some nights!

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Okay, back to work. None of this goofing off, playing with bears, blogging and the like. Next week I’m taking a day off, as soon as I finish writing Silver.

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