Are You a Morning Person? Or a Night Person?

Do you fall out of bed ready to take over the world? No coffee needed? Or do you have to have your second cup before you can make sense of everything?

I’m an early morning person, but this morning….I think I am more of a later morning person. The problem is I’m burning the candles at both ends: reached word count, finished lesson critiques, finished two bears, more lessons arrived, but planned to tackle them today, worked on edits late, and am up early again.

I might have stayed in bed for a few more minutes, not to sleep, but to…wake up. But, I remembered I had to put out a water sample by 8 am for the water department. If I had thought of it, I would have done it yesterday. But you couldn’t use the faucet for 6 hours and I wasn’t sure I hadn’t. Then I had to fill the bottle with a certain amount of water. It was supposed to be marked on the bottle. It wasn’t. I have no idea how much it was supposed to be. I may be doing this again. 🙂 <3

Here are the two bears I finished last night.

Personalized Rainbow Bear Small

Personalized Rainbow Bear Small

Personalized Best Friends Sweater Bear

Personalized Friends Bear

Okay, off to get the day going on word count! 8,000 words to go!

And I might have word soon about the books I pitched. Will let you know.

Have a super great TGIF!


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4 thoughts on “Are You a Morning Person? Or a Night Person?

  1. Early morning here, but I sure like my coffee. I can function just fine without it, but sure do enjoy coffee with my computerizing (is that a word?) before I start the day. But I don’t do late night things well at all. Yawn

  2. LOL, Tom! I heard green tea was good for you, so I switched to that. 🙂 Computerizing is totally a word. 🙂 It didn’t come up with one of those red squiggly lines, so you’re good. Just in case you were really worried.

    I have to force myself to work at night, telling myself I won’t have as much to do the next day. Right. 🙂 <3

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