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Horde of arctic wolves in a zoo

I didn’t make my word count last night. Didn’t make any bears. What was I doing all day??? Do you ever have days like that? You were really busy, but you have NOTHING to show for it?

Okay, well I did work on about 15 student lessons, 3 of the 17 students finished. And I did get half my word count. And I talked to my daughter about her work and what I was doing. And that was a 2 hour conversation. We hadn’t had time to talk in a while. So here’s part of the conversation:

“I quit writing to work on bears.”

“No, you couldn’t quit writing.”

“No, I got my word count in for the day so I could work on bears. I’m not quitting writing. I love writing. And I love making bears.”

Anyway, so I had to run into town to ship bears yesterday. And I don’t know. The day just…vanished.

About the new books sold:

I pitched 3 and somehow ended up selling 4!

It’s kind of like wolf and jaguar cubs. They come in multiples. I had a reviewer snark about how I had so many twins and triplets in books. What was the deal with that?

I write my stories as realistically based on the real animals as I can. Sometimes I only show one wolf, no siblings. But usually, I have multiples. Not because I’m thinking that I’ll have tons more books to write, because especially early on, I really wasn’t thinking of how I would be writing these series so long. Why not, you ask?

Sales. We never know when sales will allow us to keep writing. Or if a series just doesn’t take off. I really work hard at making my stories as new as possible so that each story is really different from all the rest. I’m still finishing up A Silver Wolf Christmas, which is book 17 in the wolf series. I sold another Silver pack book–Eric Silver, the eldest of the quadruplet brothers, who butts head with Darien, his cousin and the pack leader. He’s a park ranger, runs into trouble with another wolf pack, and meets the she-wolf running it. I had started this story a long time ago, but lost it in a computer crash, so I’ll be headed in that direction again.

I don’t know the order the books will come out, but I sold another SEAL book because they do really well, and this one is A SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble. It’s Allan’s story and he’s on the police diving team when a human female he’s interested in discovers a nearly dead wolf and wants to put it out of its misery, but the wolf is one of Allan’s pack.

Then, I had to write another jaguar story, and this one is like the end of the season premier. I can’t talk about what’s going to happen in that one just yet. It has to do with a cub and that’s all I can say. 🙂 <3 But you know me, before long, the cat will be out of the bag.

And that was what I pitched and sold!

Then my editor was telling me that she just totally loves the cub story and babies and billionaires sell well. Wait, I needed to write a billionaire wolf story!

So there you have it. The unpitched Billionaire Wolf story. Not sure on title or what it’s going to be about, but I’m excited about writing it. <3

I had two billionaire stories I wrote–Exchanging Grooms, and Marriage, Las Vegas Style, more comedy romance, no paranormal. And I had fun with them.

Exchanging Grooms

Lisa Robbins has one mission in mind–sell back her UNUSED wedding dress to the wedding shop, but when she has no success, maybe she’s going about this all wrong.Peter Crawford is intrigued by the woman who has somehow hooked Dallas’s most eligible confirmed bachelor, Pembrooke Hastings, Peter’s staunchest enemy. Not only had she gotten a commitment from him, but she left HIM standing at the altar. Dating the vivacious woman certainly appeals and Peter wants to know just how she hooked Pembrooke, but also why she didn’t marry him.Lisa Robbins is not dating and not marrying anyone, so she assures herself, her family, and her boss. But when Peter takes an interest in her, she’s wondering just what to do about Dallas’s most eligible confirmed bachelor number two, when he just won’t take no for an answer.

Marriage, Las Vegas Style
Marcy Taylor wants a divorce, but she doesn’t want her husband to go after the family fortune, so she’s trying to do this the easy way, no fuss, no muss. The only problem is Michael Lindquist doesn’t have a wife, and he’s sure she’s running a scam to try to get his family’s fortune!It all began in Las Vegas when Marcy threw caution to the wind. Boy, was that a mistake. Twenty-five thousand dollars richer with a husband to boot and one powerful hangover, she’s got to right the wrong.Now that Michael has a wife he doesn’t know he had, he’s not at all sure he wants to lose her. At least until he can unravel the mystery about her. And that’s how the roller coaster ride all began.

And I HATED my cover for my Collection of Vampire novellas, so yes, all right, it’s like an indulgence of chocolate and I didn’t want to tell you exactly what I was doing yesterday INSTEAD of writing and making bears…I was playing around with redoing the cover! So what do you think? My vampires are getting a bit of a revival because of Huntress for Hire coming out in the TALL, DARK and PARANORMAL box set.

vampire collection with moon copy (430x640)


Barnes and Noble

Okay, before too much more of the day slips away, I’m off to write, lessons are stacking up and I need to work on bears!

Have a super great Saturday!!!


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