What Kind of Hawk is This?

I had so much fun at my daughter and son-in-laws and seeing the Texas Renaissance Festival and having a couple of fun Italian meals out.

This was one of the gowns they had for sale at the fair. The gowns and such are beautiful. Expensive, but beautiful.

black and white gown (435x640)

I got home at about 8:30 am and first thing, after unpacking the car, was getting a cup of hot tea so I could get to work on Jaguar Pride to finish final proofing it and get it turned in today.

Now, I have a wildlife sanctuary out back. One day, I saw this huge bird, I thought was a hawk, crawling through my hedge to get baby sparrows. I went outside with my camera and it flew out of the hedge and I couldn’t capture it on the camera. But I was certain it was a hawk. It had a curved beak, yellow eyes, spotted on the side (he caught me looking at him and turned sideways to look at me and then quickly moved away from the window), and did I mention he was huge?

Anyway, so I’m looking out the window as I’m waiting for the water to heat up, and I’m noticing no birds, no birdseed, and figuring I’ll need to feed them, and there goes this huge bird flying under the canopy of the trees in the backyard, then he settles in the variegated privet, a tall hedge about ten feet tall and begins eating whatever he caught. OMG. It’s him! Or her! So I ran to get my still packed camera, figuring he’d have flown off. But nope. He sees me moving in front of the window, climbing my footstool to get above the kitchen screen on the window and eats his prey.

And here he is:

hawk 003 (2) (640x427)

This picture shows him in perspective, just how big he is.

right sideview hawkgreat sideview of hawkhawk 001

So it’s Texas, and the question is, what kind of hawk is it? He looks like he is getting plenty of meals!

I turned in Jaguar Pride, have 2 special blogs I’ve got to do and then it’s off to finishing up on edits on A Silver Wolf Christmas! I also worked on 4 small blond bears for orders and a medium blond bear for another. 🙂 <3  And I got more fur and I have to cut them all out. You know why? Because before long, Christmas will be here!!!

Have a super great Tuesday! Can’t believe it’s already Tuesday!


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