Off Deadline! On Deadline!

I’m getting ready to turn in A Silver Wolf Christmas, just waiting on my final beta reader. It’s due Nov 1. I think someone made a mistake because last time I checked, that’s Saturday. 🙂

Good news is? All the beta readers have loved A Silver Wolf Christmas and Call of the Cougar!

Call of the Cougar 3D 04162014 copy

And I’m off deadline! NOT.

Even when I’m off deadline from contracted books, I set my own deadlines. My readers expect it. Right? So Phantom Fae will be out in December. I just received another beta read for Call of the Cougar, so one beta read left after that and I’ll be able to publish that in another week or so. Those are my other book deadlines.

Phantom Fae

But I also had remodeling deadlines. Trying to get them done before the last readers convention of the year. Trying to get them done before my kids come in to see me for Thanksgiving.

And bear deadlines. Christmas is coming!!! 🙂

Christmas always sneaks up on me. One minute, it’s at the end of the year. The next, it’s in a couple of days. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN???

Plum Bear with faux suede paws

Plum Bear with faux suede paws

This looks more burgundy from the picture, but it’s more purple/plum purple in color. Really pretty. I have another made for another order also. 🙂

Minky Wizard Bear

Minky Wizard Bear

So yes, lots and lots of bear deadlines. I have a lot…let me count…I have 15 bears made that I need to finish. I will have to set a few days aside just to embroider paws!

And…probably next week, I’ll have NEW deadlines. I just got a note asking what my expected mss deadlines will be for the next 4 books!!! So you see, I had a few minutes reprieve for contracted deadlines. 🙂

I set the first for Mar, because I have two trips in Feb and two in April. The next in May, I think. Anyway…trying to give myself about 11 weeks to write books because of trips in between. And edits. Don’t forget the edits. All those books keeping popping back for first edits, second edits, and final proofing. and final, final proofing. 🙂

Okay, so I’m off to make more changes to Call of the Cougar and work on some more teddy bears! Because I got more orders this morning! And yes, I’m working on Phantom Fae also. Hopefully, the tile guys will be done today! 🙂 <3

Have a super great day!!! 🙂

Oh, wait, it’s Halloween today!! Happy Halloween!

Sherbert Bear and Amethyst Bear Ready to Trick-or-Treat!

Sherbert Bear and Amethyst Bear Ready to Trick-or-Treat!

pumpkin flower planter (427x640)

Apple Farm and Pumpkin Patch

Apple Farm and Pumpkin Patch

Vampire Bearpumpkin sweater and friends (640)

Happy Halloween! 🙂



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