Steampunk Bears Finished! & Fostering Pets

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Finished another order of 4 Steampunk Bears! They are on their way for Christmas!

I think I have 14 orders to go. I shipped off A SEAL Wolf Hunting back to my editor also. Working on edits on Call of the Cougar with my final beta reader right now.

Had a lovely Readers and Rita’s Conference this weekend, and now it’s time to quit goofing off, again. 🙂  Well, except for Thanksgiving coming up!

And my friend Bonnie Gill created this video to share in hopes of having one of her foster dogs adopted. I think it’s wonderful that folks do this to keep the dogs from being euthanized and give them a second chance at having a home. I took in a cat, Trixie, who lived to be about 14 years of age. The sweetest cat in the world that had been taken in by the Kitty Welfare Society–a group of women who took in cats and fostered them until they could find homes for them. But they are in a home environment. Trixie was found with her little brother at a Dumpster, looking for food.

I’m off to proof two books and need to finish up some more bears. 🙂 Have a glorious Monday! Warm today, cold tomorrow. 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Steampunk Bears Finished! & Fostering Pets

  1. I believe that God very much appreciates the ones who are kind to his animals. My thanks to each and everyone who does that. Sounds like your bear business is moving right along. I wish you so many bear orders that you can bearly keep up. he he Cheers

  2. I think it’s sad that animals aren’t taken care of in the first place that they end up like that. I took in a kitten from the Kitty Welfare Society when I was stationed in New Jersey and she was just a delight. A constant and loving companion, perfect for when I lived in an apartment at the first. I had her for 14 years. She had been picked up when she was 6 weeks old, looking for food around a Dumpster, half starved. I couldn’t have loved her more. 🙂

    Ha! On the bearly keeping up. I am. Bearly keeping up. I spent ALL day proofing an audiobook that I hadn’t had time to get to before this. Have another to do after that. Must get back to bears soon. 🙂 <3 Christmas is coming.

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