Happy Veteran’s Day! And…I DON’T Do Lists

Happy Veteran’s Day! Supposedly, Olive Garden is doing a special free meal for veterans, and I think I’ll brave the cold and drop by there for lunch. I need to run a million errands, so figure I’ll do that too. 🙂 <3

My whole family abounded with veterans–Mother, Father, BIL, Sister, Me, Son, Daughter was in AF ROTC, but decided it wasn’t for her. And my grandfather was a doctor in the Canadian Army during WWI, and we even had an ancestor in the Black Watch. My mother’s grandfather was one of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders. And one of our ancestors had come over with a Hessian prince who landed in Quebec, and then took the mercenary soldiers into the colonies where he deserted because he didn’t want to fight the American Patriots, but instead joined the militia in Quebec. Even another great grandfather, who didn’t serve in the military, broke horses for the cavalry in WWI. And one of my father’s grandfathers was in the Merchant Marines and though they didn’t fight in wartime, they were in some of the action.

So Happy Veteran’s Day to all those veterans, past, present, and future, and to their families who have cared for them in sickness and health, and stuck by them.

A SEALinWolfClothing

Now, I used to be a list maker. I had a list I’d make every day and it would drive me crazy if I didn’t finish everything on my list and then I’d accomplish stuff not on my list and I’d feel horrible that it wasn’t on my list and I didn’t get “credit” for it. LOL

I even went as far as adding them to my list just so I could mark them off!

So I quit making lists. Except when I’m on a shopping trip. I have to or I forget some of the stuff I’ve got to get–oddball stuff.

But as far as goal stuff, no.

Yesterday, my primary goal was to proof the audiobook version of Her Highland Hero, and if I had time, to write the Christmas blog I needed to for a magazine. I did both. It was an all-day affair from 4:30 in the morning until 6:30 PM and then I began writing the Christmas blog, and then I realized I hadn’t made the cover for Her Highland Hero’s audiobook, so had to do that. Then I started reading A Silver Wolf Christmas one last time. Got through chapter 1, then it was time for bed. I don’t just sit there and listen to an audiobook all day. I also was moving stuff. I have family coming in for the holidays, and I have 4 more windows being replaced this weekend, so I’ve been moving stuff out of the way, and putting stuff away that, well, doesn’t need to be out. More on that later. 🙂

This morning, I sewed up 3 bears, 2 Scottish bonnets and 2 Scottish sashes, first thing. I still have to stuff the bears, put them together, and finish them up, and sew on sashes and bonnets on another 2 bears, then embroider their paws, but that was one of my priorities today. Next, is to work on A Silver Wolf Christmas. I will be reading it for the rest of the day. And probably tomorrow because I desperately need to run errands. I need more boxes to ship bears, for one thing.

You see how I have no word count goals this week? Poor Phantom Fae has been put to the side. But I need to get A Silver Wolf Christmas finished and sent off to my editor. And I need to finish proofing the audiobook for Huntress for Hire and send it off to the narrator to make the changes. And I will be getting back the changes on Her Highland Hero and need to approve it. I need to finish up Call of the Cougar, still waiting on one beta reader’s input. And I need to finish 14 bears. They’re all in process! Either made and need paws embroidered, need clothes made, the bears need to be made, just something. And I need to reread The Vampire…In My Dreams and republish it. And then, I need to get back to Phantom Fae, with a clear conscious.

Wait, was that a list I just made?


Have a super wonderful, and if you’re in Texas, cold Tuesday! 🙂 <3


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