Sunsets and Max and the Christmas Tree

Sun Setting

Sun Setting

I was walking Max last night and saw this sight, ran back in the house with him, grabbed my camera and ran back out. Isn’t it great?

Sun Setting

Trees on Fire

Dark Descending

Christmas Tree Max

Christmas Tree Max

Okay, so Christmas is coming, ready or not. And I have to pick up Tanner today. He’s 3 months old. Max, pictured above, is 5 months old.  I have to say he’s very good about the tree. He pokes his nose at one of the balls every once in a while, but that’s it. I tried to take a picture of him closer to the tree, but he won’t sit long enough for the camera to focus on him for a picture. He comes to greet me instead. Can you tell he’s just about ready to move? So here, I had backed up yet again, told him to sit, and tried to take the shot. The first 3 were blurred Maxs. But he had been closer to the tree.



This is Tanner from last week when I picked up Max. He’s much smaller, though bigger than the puppies from the other litter. She had two litters both born on the same day. 🙂

So now I’ll be training two puppies instead of one, but hopefully, fingers crossed, if they both have each other to sleep with, Tanner won’t be fussing tonight. Max has been fine since the 4th night.

We’ll have to work Tanner into our routine. Hopefully he’ll love it too. We had our 2nd official car trip ride and Max was really good. But this time I took him into a pet shop to see other people and get used to being out a little. A lady approached who had two twin 4 year old girls. They were adorable and they were so good with Max and he was so good with them. The mother scared him though. And then two groomers came to see him, for business, of course, but it was a good experience for him. But before I got him out of his carrier at home, he threw up. So the 1st official car trip was fine. The 2nd one, he got sick again. Hopefully he’ll be all right on subsequent trips. I have a 3 hour drive coming up and want both dogs to love riding in the car.

When Tanner gets home, he’ll have another dog to play with. And my daughter and son-in-law are bringing Sir Rilo and Lady Luna, their corgis, for Christmas. Both are two years old, so Christmas is going to the dogs. 🙂 I’ll try to take lots of pictures.

I had to start writing blogs for the upcoming release of Jaguar Pride, and I’m behind on Phantom Fae (only by 3,000, though today I’m supposed to have another 2,000 also), though I keep waking and thinking about the end. I have 20,000 words left to write, so I am winding down to the end. 🙂



Do you have kids? Or, were you ever a kid with siblings? What order? Notice Max has lots of shots that are all just Max, because he’s the only puppy. But when Tanner comes home, what will happen? He’ll probably be in lots of shots with Max. Maybe not, but probably.

Doesn’t that happen with kids too? The firstborn has lots of pictures, then second and subsequent babies come along and all the pictures are of the toddler holding the baby, or looking at the baby, or two toddlers together, or…well, you get the picture. Second borns just don’t get the spotlight like firstborns.

So I was a firstborn. It’s all right by me. LOL What about you?

Okay, off to write another Jaguar Pride blog, the book is coming out Feb 7, and then back to Phantom Fae. Then it’s off to pick up Tanner. Have a super great Monday!

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2 thoughts on “Sunsets and Max and the Christmas Tree

  1. The sunsets here in central Texas can be awesome. My photo files are full of them and I cannot stop taking more.
    I was an onliest? child so I have no direct experience with brothers or sisters. My observation is that sibling rivalry is alive and well with humans and other animals alike. Over the years I have had to introduce new companion dogs, and it is not difficult, just have patience, and the young ones are easier. They will give you countless hours of entertainment with their limitless energy. I especially like to watch my dogs compete with each other over their chew toys and favorite nap spots. Not to mention treats and food and your attention. I am still unsuccessful in getting them to pose for pictures though. If you figure that one out I want to know the secret!

  2. Sunsets are beautiful here. 🙂 My mother was an onliest child too. LOL
    I’m hoping that if Max has competition with Tanner over the chew sticks and he begins eating them again. 🙂 Nap spots, now that’s going to be interesting. I wonder if they’ll nap together. My Lab and cat would. She would curl right up against the Lab even in old age. It was the cutest thing. On pictures, sometimes I can get them and sometimes I can’t. I’m certain when he’s older, it won’t be a problem. Right now I’m teaching him to stay and that’s hard for him. But when he learns it, I should be able to take a picture and then call him to me. 🙂 <3 At least, that's the plan.

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