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Heart of the Jaguar Series Collage

I used to be so envious when multi-published authors were complaining about deadlines. I thought I’d never be one of those. Ever. And I thought they were so lucky, so quit complaining. LOL

So chin up. Smile. You can be one too!

Unless you’re a reader, and then you can just dive into the pure enjoyment of reading for pleasure.

So I’m juggling Jaguar Pride and the rest of the jaguar series, which are still on a special sale price, Savage Hunger, FREE.

I’m juggling promo with it. The book is done and ready to come out in about 3 weeks.

Review from Tea and Books

Steamy, senusal, intense and unique, Ms Spear’s Jaguars invoke a sensuality that only exists in cats. That sleek playfulness and sinuous sizzle. As Jaguar shifters her characters have it all as humans they use their knowledge of being a big cat to work to save the places where they can run free. Although there are perfectly normal individuals, you know like insurance agents.. LOL..

I have enjoyed each and every one of these books and heartily suggest that you give them a try…

Jaguar Pride will be coming in February so now’s your chance to catch up..


And I’m juggling Kissing the Highlander, due out Feb 10, with preorders and print stuff and such, which also includes promo.

Kissing the Highlander final (438x640)

And I turned in SEAL Wolf Hunting edits, but that means that Silver Wolf Christmas wolf edits will be coming soon.

SEAL Wolf Hunting

SEAL Wolf Hunting

I’m working on SEAL Wolf Diving and trying to keep after word count. Have 2,900 words to go today to make my word count for yesterday–so wrote 3,000 this morning already. But have to keep after it.

And I have to work on Call of the Cougar’s audiobook proof. She forgot the prologue, so that’s the first problem. But I have to read over every sentence to make sure it matches and then write up everything that doesn’t, at the time that it was on the recording. So it takes time. The project was about 9 hours, I think, and it’ll take me more than that to keep stopping and making notes for the narrator, and taking breaks to do other things….

Soooo, yes, it was wonderful when I began getting multiple contracts. Just so I could say I was working toward some goal. Before? They were all just for myself. Of course this is in the prehistoric days when self-publishing wasn’t an option and I couldn’t share my stories unless a publisher picked them up. But those were the days when I wrote and wrote and wrote, and then tried to sell and sell and sell.

Have a wonderful Monday! I’m off to get the rest of my word count done so I can feel at peace with the world around me. Playing catchup all the time is not fun.

How is your Monday going? Does it feel it’s on track? Or have you already fallen off????


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”


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