Sick Puppy and Playing Catch Up

Max was throwing up all late afternoon, then got me up at midnight and didn’t make it outside for some of his other hurried business. But despite all the drama and cleanups, I managed to write 7,000 words. Then they wanted back out at 5 and so I stuck them in their crate for another hour of sleep afterward. But of course I didn’t sleep.

I was thinking of my next scene in the book. I left it at a cliff hanger. Heroine is in wolf form, lunges at hero. Normally, this means play time. In A Howl for a Highland Wolf, the heroine tackles the hero because he was late for a date and broke into her house, for good reason. But still, she was the perfect little guard wolf. In others, purely wolf play time. But in this one, she’s totally pissed off.

So that makes for a really fun, different scenario. 🙂 She’s brand newly turned. And what does that mean? A puppy that doesn’t know its own bite power, only she’s armed with adult WOLF teeth, which can crush bones. And he’s in his human form, so stopping an angry wolf makes it a tad difficult. I so love conflict. In my stories. Not in real life. I much prefer no drama. Like yesterday with a sick puppy.

You’d think that if a dog got sick on something, it would teach it not to eat it again. At least one of my dogs that I took in was not that smart. Every time she could get hold of any chocolate, no matter how much I safeguarded it from her, she devoured it and would be just as sick as Max. Didn’t matter. Next time, she’d do it again. I wish I knew what he got hold of. I have them both on leashes when we go out, but he’s tugging one way and Tanner’s tugging the other, so I have a time watching both sometimes.

Okay, so though I wrote a great number of words yesterday, I didn’t write enough. I needed 11,000 to catch up. That means 6500 today, at least trying, then I’m back on track tomorrow.

Max with his hair pulled back

Max with his hair pulled back

The little devil behind Max  that ruined his coiffure.

The little devil behind Max that ruined his coiffure.

Max has been so good to allow me to rubber band his hair. I still need little ones. This was a big one and I had to wind it around his hair a number of times to get it to be tight enough. He was sooo patient with me.

Then? You see the little devil dog, Tanner, an angel in disguise behind him, chewing happily away at a piece of rawhide? Well, later, they were playing and Tanner pulled out Max’s rubber band and bit it in two before I got it away from him and threw it out. *sigh*

For those of us who love to read romantic stories, I thought this was so cute.

SEAL Wolf Hunting

SEAL Wolf Hunting

This dude sat down next to me on train. He’s so romance novel handsome I’m going to assume he’s a rancher navy seal billionaire werewolf.

All I’ve got to say is I hope she caught her man! 🙂 <3

Okay, puppies sleeping for the moment, so off to finish writing the scene with the lunging wolf. Yep, there she is, mid-air and what’s going to happen next. That’s a real cliff hanger. Oh, and my editor always wants the first kiss by page 60. So I try to have it before because with edits, my pages grow and then I’m past page 60. Dumb, I know. The kiss should happen when the kiss is supposed to happen, not on some arbitrary page number. But still, I was worried about it when I was thinking of the lunging scene.  Have I missed the obligatory kiss by page 60????

Yes, see the dilemmas I have when I have a moment to contemplate the novel?

And OMG, yes, I missed it by 5 pages. I was thinking in the lunge he was going to have to kiss her. Wonder how I was going to do that. But now, can’t do it. It’s got to be at least 5 pages before that. Bummer.

Have a super great wonderful…Saturday? Whoops, need to write another blog. Have fun!

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2 thoughts on “Sick Puppy and Playing Catch Up

  1. Your puppies are so cute!. It is amazing how like children they can be, it’s no wonder we love them so much. My observation is that a dog’s way of discovering if something is ok to eat is to swallow it down and see if it stays there lol. Be extra careful with the chocolate, the general consensus is that it is toxic to dogs and causes renal failure? Just what I read. And of course smaller dogs would need smaller amounts to make them sick. I have given my dogs (larger dogs than yours) chocolate chip cookies with no apparent problem before I read that. I don’t do that anymore but I’m a sucker for a begging dog, and that starts an annoying behavior pattern. So the other night when I was tired of the begging I gave them tiny tastes of chips and spicy salsa. The next day they would sniff and examine carefully every treat I offered but it was short lived. They seem to have forgotten all about it now.

  2. lol, you’re too funny, Tom. Yeah, no on the chocolate. I knew that from a long time ago. But we had taken in a standard poodle that was a food thief. She was so tall, she could reach up and snag things off the kitchen counters. Even a roast!!! And ate the WHOLE thing. Aluminum foil and all. The chocolate, yep, she was soooo sick. It’s a poison.

    I try not to give them anything I’m eating, and that helps eliminate the begging. If I sit down for lunch, they leave me alone and take a nap. I know if I were giving them food when I sit down to eat, they’d be begging to have their share of it.

    Too funny on the spicy salsa. I tried the bitter apple spray on the throw rug where Tanner is chewing, and he licked it, shook his head, and went right back to it.

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