Obedience Training–the Consultation

Since Tanner is too little, until he has shots, to do the training just yet, I took Max. Now, we were early. Remember the: if you go early, you’ll be even earlier than you thought scenario? My GPS said it would take me 41 mins to get there and we were supposed to be there 15 mins early, just in case.

I was there half an hour early, and the trainer was talking to a man about his dog, so I took Max on a walk through the park. I could get used to that. Taking the dogs for a walk, especially once they’re more trained. Max looked like a bloodhound, Havanese style, nose to the ground, yanking this way and that. I knew that wasn’t acceptable, but the training I had taken in ye old days was to yank the dog back firmly and tell him to heel. I wanted to wait to see what the trainer said.

So as we were walking, Max didn’t notice the people, well, two kids bouncing balls, but he just looked at them, no barking. Yay! That’s one of his problems. Barking at people and dogs if they’re anywhere near us. So then as we were walking, OMG, a HUGE dog, couldn’t tell from the distance, but he was in a backyard and saw Max bouncing along, and the other dog starts his HUGE barking. He probably was a great dane. Anyway, Max immediately stopped whatever he was doing, looked around, didn’t see the monster dog, but decided he wanted in my arms. As if I could protect him. LOL

Anyway, the dog quit barking, Max was confident he was safe from harm and went back to walking.

Then it was time for the talk. Oh, did I mention he got car sick again? Argh. Poor baby. I hope they get over it soon.

Max is very white and has some silver and black

Max is very white and has some silver and black and a little tan

Anyway, so she said in their program they use a training collar. It zaps them just a bit to get their attention. Even though it might be a little scary to them, to me it’s better than constantly yanking them physically hard to get them back to your side as in the other training I had taken.

It truly was a miracle. He kept yanking away from her, nose to ground, at least he wasn’t scared of her. But then she’d send a message through the collar, and he’d turn to look at her. At first, his tail was tucked between his legs, but then it was riding high on his back, happy as can be and every time she used the collar, he’d turn, then return to her. She’d praise him, she’d let him go off, use the collar, and he’d return. It truly was amazing.

Okay, so then about the barking. At one point, she was beginning to very slowly bring him back to me, just a few steps, stop, and he was frustrated because at that point, he really wanted to get back to me. He was lunging, woofing, and she kept after him. And he would be fine, until some kids ran by with a dog, and Max started barking. So she used the collar, told him, “Quiet,” and it worked. She had to do it a few times, and then he was fine.

When we were sitting at the table, Max was on the cement floor next to me, and a family set up a picnic and of course they had a dog. So Max began to bark. She used the collar trick, he behaved right away. Then her dog, that was in training, lying on a mat, stretched and caught Max’s eye, so of course Max barked. She used the collar and he was quiet, and for the rest of the time we were there, he watched the dogs but was quiet. Then I lifted him into my lap and he curled up and went to sleep.

That was Obedience Training–the Consultation.

I enrolled him in 6 months of lessons. It was only $100 more for 6 months as opposed to 3, so I figured I’d do it longer. Now, hopefully I can work this in and my word count, etc, etc, etc. Tanner was too little to go to the park, not having all his shots yet. So I’ll probably take him later. He’s got a real problem of barking when I’m not in the room with him.

And that’s it! Off to work on Phantom Fae edits so I can publish this and then off to work on SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble word count!

Have a super great Wednesday!

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