It’s Just Wrong…

Have you ever picked up the wrong food by accident? Or picked up something you thought would be similar enough because your regular brand is out? Which still makes it wrong because it just doesn’t taste right. Or the texture isn’t right?

I have some cereal like that. I’m eating it because I bought it and it’s edible. But it’s not like my regular brand. I think I picked it up because the other was out of stock for several days.

But one day I picked up chocolate milk by accident. Now, when I was a kid, I LOVED chocolate milk. Kind of like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Not today.

My daughter said, “Didn’t it look like it was chocolate milk?”

Some covers are more illuminating. I was mainly looking for low fat content. 🙂  But no, it wasn’t a chocolate container with big chocolate words and a chocolate dairy cow on it. 🙂

Now, sometimes covers can be downright deceiving. I buy the store brand/generic tomato sauce. Tomato sauce connoisseurs can probably taste the difference. Not me.  I did a taste test once. Tried all kinds of different fancy brands. They all were the same, as far as I could tell, or care. But all of the cans–tomato paste, sauce and stewed tomatoes have the exact same label. Exact same.  So you have to learn to read. 🙂  Because the title is the only thing that will clue you in. And the font is the same. So you really have to pay attention. I don’t like stewed tomatoes. 🙂

Now, I find that store/generic brands for canned fruit can make a difference. Sometimes the canned fruit for generic is hard and not cooked as well, I guess. Or not ripe enough, or something. So I buy the better brands of that, when I do. Or buy fresh.

And what brought all this on? My cereal. It’s awful. And I can’t wait to eat it up. I live too far out to bother returning chocolate milk to the grocery store, and I even tried to use it on my cereal, which is what I mainly use milk for. But….yuck.


And now I’m off to work on my word count. My puppies have learned if they sit at the makeshift gate, they get to go outside to potty. But they also sit there to tell me, “FEED ME.”

Training them to nap in bed

Training them to nap in bed

puppies and chew toys 014 (640x590) (2)Getting ready to go out

But if they sit by the fence, they go out. I’m not sure they’ve got it. I feed them when it’s time to feed. Not when they want to be fed, because that’s ALL the time.

Hmmm, I wonder if they’d like my yucky cereal?

Have a super great day!!!


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2 thoughts on “It’s Just Wrong…

  1. Yep, it’s true, all brands of food are not equal. My dogs know when I try to give them different kibbles, and it seems they would eat every hour if they could. Sometimes I think I could have been a dog in another life lol.

    • lol, you are too funny, Tom. I have them on a little better dog food because, OMG, if I didn’t, they would HAVE to be outside ALL the time. This is supposed to help prevent that. If I had a fenced-in yard, and no hawk looking for happy meals, I’d fence it. Oh, and if I didn’t have snakes coming into the house when I don’t even have an opening for one, methinks, for them to come in, I’d have a doggy door. What a wonderful life that would be. LOL

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