Daytona Beach, St Augustine and Sunsets

sunset St Augustine 500x375 resort at Daytona Beach 500x375 St Augustine sun setting

Had a blast. Loved the sunset, the pink clouds and the palm tree silhouette. I could have lightened up the picture of the buildings in the other photo, but they were under construction, so I thought the dark silhouette looked more intriguing.

And of course, Daytona Beach and the resorts. Loved it there. I have video of the ocean waves and bird songs. Will show off when I have time.

And here is one of the puppies before we went home. The lady who was taking the “picture,” didn’t realize it was on video. I didn’t either. LOL But as much as the puppies were moving about, it worked better as a video. However, at one point, I was frowning at her a bit, and that’s when she said it said it was busy, and I wasn’t sure why it would be busy. 🙂

Had a lovely time visiting with readers, bloggers and authors! And that morning before I was going to be in airports and on airplanes all day, I had the door open, listening to the ocean and the sea birds. That was the part I hated about leaving.

Now, when Spring Break descends on the area, I’ll be glad I don’t live anywhere near there!!!

Have a super, wonderful Wednesday!!!

And thanks to everyone who bought our Kissing the Highlander anthology!

Woohoo, Highlanders are well loved!

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