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Loved this review from: Harlequin Junkie Recommends, and thanks so much to Angela for sending me the link!!!
Excerpt from Jaguar Pride:

In one giant step, he grabbed her up. She squealed, never expecting anything like this, and laughed. She loved it. He tossed her over his shoulder and stalked back to the bedroom.
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“I’ve had enough babysitting duty. It’s time for some grownup action.”

And the Review continues:

So. Much. Fun. Jaguar Pride was an exciting mix of pulse-pounding action while our hero and heroine tracked down bad guys, as well as playful scenes that showed off the cat side of their shifter personalities.

This is the first novel I have read in Terry Spear’s Heart of the Jaguar series and I have to say, I am pretty wowed by the world she’s created. I have read some of her other paranormal titles so I had an idea of her “voice” and writing style, which I’ve enjoyed quite a bit. I thought that this was just as solidly written and that it was actually very unique. I loved that there was an underlying message of how important it is to protect animals, especially exotic breeds, against poachers and ultimately, extinction. There was almost a reverence to the storyline in how the JAG agents protected their fellow shifters and all other creatures in the rainforests.



With so many books in the wolf and jaguar series, this is book 4, but I have 16 wolf books out, 2 cougar shifters, and tons of other books out, I have to do something really different with each one. With this one, they were already seeing someone else. It’s the first time I’ve done that because I didn’t want there to be a stigma about jumping from one situation into another, but also that they were working together before this, and NOT having an affair. Sorry, affairs don’t work for romances, unless the one having the affair is the villain.  But it can’t be the hero or heroine. Soooo, it means setting up the situation so it’s clear they really enjoy working with each other, and admire each other, but it doesn’t go beyond that, until their boyfriend/girlfriends call it quits.

Even though we write what we want to an extent, and each book must be different as readers don’t want to read the same story only with the names changed, we are limited by what is acceptable for the genre–the hero and heroine must be heroic, for one. They can’t be bed hopping when they’re in a relationship with the hero or heroine, lying, cheating, or stealing.

Now there’s a caveat. If the hero and heroine are doing these things for a heroic purpose, then it’s acceptable. It all comes down to motivation. He’s lying to her because if he doesn’t, she’s going to be killed. Castle comes to mind where Rick has to keep secrets from her or the powers to be will kill her. So lying is not a heroic thing, but in this case, it has to be.

Anyway, sometimes we have to write something different that might border slipping into that gray area, but again, we have to have something different in every book so that readers will look forward to it.

If you have read Jaguar Pride, did you enjoy it? I always have fun writing these books. Does it show?

The characters are real, the places real. I often use trip reports to flesh out the reality of the setting–like the donkey braying in one when they were eating at a jungle village cafe. And the woman who rented cabanas and fed wild animals and offered for them to feed them. Only jaguars actually eat those in the wild, not that my hero or heroine wanted to, but they declined. These were in fun trip reports written by folks who had visited the parts of the world that I used as settings and of course, small details were used to create that reality–in a jaguar shifter, or in a wolf shifter world.

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Daytona Beach The Raven

Daytona Beach
The Raven

On Puppy News: Max is doing so well on his collar, I had it set on 1. Hmmm, maybe I had the collar on too tightly. But he really was paying attention to me despite Tanner attacking him from time to time, and that’s the ultimate distraction. The puppies are still having accidents on the tile floor after their stay in cages for the duration at the Vets. It was better yesterday and we have been fine this morning. But then, they’ve only been up an hour and are now sleeping on my lap. More pictures to come. Need to get back to story. I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!

I should have finished SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble already so I could be working on my edits. Still trying to come up with an ending. I printed out pages and was editing it on the couch last night as the puppies will sleep on their bedding on the couch and I have total peace.

But, it’s time to get cracking! Deadline quickly approaching!


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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”


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