Got Wordcount! White Stuff on the Roof! And the Daffodils are Blooming!

I now officially have wordcount on A SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble, and then had to turn in the cover sheet specs including the blurb. Now I’m still writing the book, but it’s getting closer to being done. I printed out the first 100 pages, again, and am making more corrections. But I still have to finish writing the book.

Max Rubberbanded in Black and White

Max Rubber Banded in Black and White

I love all his black and silvery tips and hope he gets to keep them as his hair grows out. I was able to pull more of his hair back, but this morning I found Tanner chewing on something, and yep, Max’s rubber band.

When I was coming in from one of my trips outside with the puppies, I saw that the daffodils had bloomed! The day before, I noticed they were getting ready to. It’s amazing how fast they open up when I’m not paying attention. Also, freesia has bloomed!

daffodils before blooming (640x427)

yellow daffodils (640x427)

freesia (640x427)

And all kinds of weed flowers are popping up! And my rosebushes are leafing out.

And white stuff on the roof. 🙂

Roof covered in white stuff (640x427)

Okay, back to the book. 🙂 Nose to the grindstone and all that sort of thing.

It’s getting closer to being finished! And that’s the main thing!

Have a lovely day. I realized that I have the termite guy coming to do his annual inspection this morning and you know what that means? More puppy training! 🙂

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