Rats in the Attic! And the Muse and Me are in Time Conflict!

Okay, so the termite inspector came out to do his annual check and yes! No termites! Also, and this was so great, so exciting, the puppies didn’t even bark at him! They greeted him and were still shy, but they didn’t bark and misbehave! They even held it so that I could take them out to potty when he left. That’s a BIG deal.

Tanner and Jaguar blanket (640x427) 4

Tanner tuckered out.

The bad news is–hey, without bad news, all the good news is just boring, right? Who wants to hear about all the great news? That everything is going along fine? We want conflict, right? We want to see that someone else has problems so we feel better about our problems, right? 🙂 <3 Of course. 🙂 That’s what makes life interesting. The conflict. The drama.

Okay, so I’ve got rats in the attic. So says the pest control guy. I KNOW I get mud daubers in the house constantly in the spring through the fall. I know I have a lot of places that things can get in. Never seen a mouse or evidence of mice in the house, though when my parents lived here, the first few years, they had a terrible problem with them. I have snakes in the house. So maybe that’s why? Anyway, he said that on a little bit of decking in the attic, he could see rat prints in dust, and their droppings. And that there’s a little bit of chewing. So I’ll have to check this stuff myself, document it, and share it. With you. Isn’t that what friends are for???

I’m finishing a book first. I’ve GOT to finish this. Twelve days and it has to be turned in. I have a ton of stuff stacking up in the meantime. Call of the Cougar–need to proof the audiobook for one.

So what’s happening now is my Muse and Me are in time conflict. What this means is that it wakes up at times that I want to sleep. Sure, I hear the puppies stirring a bit, and that’s probably what really wakes me, but then my Muse decides to go through scenarios in my book. Not only that, but it tells me all the things I should have done during the day or when I get up. Like, Hey, did you put the clothes in the dryer last night?

Shoot! Nope. But if I get up to do it right then and there, which I would if I didn’t have puppies, I would wake them, and they’d want to go out.

Now, the problem with that is for the last two nights, I’ve actually put them to bed at 7 pm, then I continue to edit, or write, and they wake up the next morning at 5 am. It’s great! But it means I can’t turn on the light or get up without “telling” them that it’s time to get up. And I want them to learn that 7 pm to 5 am (or later) is their bedtime.

Oh, and you know I do lots of research for my books, so I’ve talked a lot about the phases of the moon in this one, and so I was looking at the phases, making sure I got it right, and wow, guess what I found???? The werewolf diet. Hey, sometimes I can’t even make up stuff that great!

Anyway, so I’ve got to figure out a way to talk about it in the book, that makes it seem seamless. It’s not just an urban legend. Some actors supposedly followed it–Madonna, Demi Moore, according to Grazia. It’s also known as the lunar diet or moon diet. It has to do with fasting during the new moon and full moon. But what’s interesting is that when I was at The International Wolf Center, they fed the wolves only once a week. That’s normally how they eat in the wild. They’ll have a dead deer, for instance, (often road kill and someone will drop it off at the center), and once it’s gone, they don’t get fed until the next week. So it’s really appropriate to call the moon diet a werewolf diet, even though it’s not based on the phases of the moon. Anyway, food for thought.

Before I turn THIS into a book, I’m off to write on A SEAL Diving for Trouble. I had another epiphany when I was working on edits. Near the end of the book, as I’m editing over and over again, I’ll keep seeing loose ends. I mention something, and then don’t tie it into anything else, or I just forget to explain it. So sometimes when that happens, I’ll see where a loose end is vital to the story. Which is what happened when my muse began talking to me at 3 am. And that means going back in and making some changes that will change A LOT again. *sigh* Did I mention I have only 12 more days to finish this book?

Okay, off to write. 🙂 Oh and TGIF!!!

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4 thoughts on “Rats in the Attic! And the Muse and Me are in Time Conflict!

  1. Happy Friday, Terry! Good luck with your deadline, although I’m sure you will make it with time to spare, even with the puppies putting a crimp in your “style”. You are absolutely the most “git ‘er done” person I know (well, kinda know…lol), and I really want to be you when I grow up. Ha! Check the wires up there, mice like to nibble on them. At least you don’t have bats in your belfry!

  2. Terry, be careful with the rats. They have a tendency to chew wires and cause fires. So please be careful

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    • Absolutely, Sharleen! I’m having the guys come out and put screens under the attic fans, and plugging all the holes they can find. And then the pest guy comes on Tuesday, so he can put up rat traps.

  3. LOL, thank you. Bats in my belfry, that’s what I was trying to think of! 🙂 My editor gets after me because I have my characters do too many things in a day, but I do that all the time, so I don’t know why they can’t. 🙂 <3 The puppies do take up a lot of time. Outside, inside…want to play. Outside, inside….want to eat. Outside, inside….need to sleep. 🙂 Every day! 🙂 Thanks so much and happy Friday back atcha!

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