The Greatest Distraction in Puppy Training?

Last night I took Max to group training. He managed to get through getting up close and personal to other owners and their dogs, sharing a bench with a big dog, walking past other dogs, sitting while other dogs walked past him. Lying down, something he doesn’t care to do. He and Tanner are sitting dogs. My daughter’s corgis are lying down dogs. Dogs seem to have a preference.

He sat while people rode bicycles past him, walked past with babies, just everything imaginable.

And he was doing great. Then, the one thing that I hadn’t counted on?

A leaf picked up by a gust of wind and flying right in front of him. Forget social and obedience training. He had reverted to the wolf–on a hunt. And he flew after it.

This morning on a trip outside, I saw him jumping back away from something, and stopped to see what it was.

A SNAKE! By the time I put the puppies in the house and grabbed my camera, it was gone. It was a plain brown snake, no markings, and small. Sigh. Third baby snake I’ve seen so far already.

Have a great day!

Got to ship a bear and then get back to the business of writing!

Tanner's Glamorous Look 5 mos old Havanese

Tanner’s Glamorous Look
5 mos old Havanese

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