Need vs Want

Have you ever been pulled and tugged and pushed to fill a want when you know you have other needs you need to fulfill first? Like…obligations?

I am behind on word count. It’s a need. I need to get 5700 words done today on She-Wolf. I need to work on a bear and get it finished this weekend so I can ship it on Monday. Those are deadline needs.

But I also needed to vacuum and mop the floors. And dust. I did the floors, and some of the dusting. I also washed all the puppies’ bedding, towels I used on them, etc. I have too many needs.

Tanner the Hunter

Tanner the Hunter

Then there are the darn wants. I’m usually good about fulfilling needs first, then wants as a treat, just like if the puppies do what they’re supposed to, they get their treats. 🙂

So, I started watching Outlander. I bought the tape. Can’t get it on my limited channels and I’ve done the free premium channels for 3 mos and rarely ever watch them. But while working on the bears, I’ll watch a movie. And I’m hooked. And I want to watch more. Love anything that’s historical, love time travel. Love the Highlands. So enjoying so far. And I want to watch more of it. I could fulfill a need while I do so–make up the remaining bear for the  order.

But, I have to get my word count. And that’s nagging at me. So first the writing, and then the bear. But I also want to play Dragonage Inquisition. RPGs are really addictive. I’m goal oriented. I want to solve quests, fulfill missions, take down the bad guys, rescue the good guys. I work long hours on writing and promoting. I enjoy it, but I also need a break from it–I tell myself, just to go and fight monsters, etc. 🙂

Again, I tell myself–yes, you can. You can play all day long! IF you get your word count. *sigh*

So I have to post another blog [need] and then after that? I’ll play my game for a while, then stop and watch the movie and work on the bear some more.

But what I really want to do is skip writing and play the game.

Writing prevails. I write 2500 words a day, but as you can see with needing 5700 today, I’m behind.

Off to write another blog and see what wins out. Writing? Or…..Gaming.

I have to say that some of the reason I’m not getting tons of word count is that I’m getting closer to the end. I have to wrap up loose ends and figure out how I’m going to end it, how I’m going to get the hero and heroine to say I do without it sounding like any of the other books. So that means lots of thinking…

Have a super great day!

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