Book Signings Coming Up!!

book signing Barnes & Noble book signing in Waco, Texas will be at 6:30 on May 22. The manager is providing sample foods and door prizes, including a Nook Reader!! I’ll have Jaguar Pride to sign, but if you live in the area and already have books you want me to autograph, please feel free to come in and I’ll sign them.  I’m sure they’ll have some other books available also already in stock. But if they don’t and you want me to autograph them, just ask the manager to get them and I’ll sign. I turned in A Silver Wolf Christmas edits, and have been working on She-Wolf.  But I was asked to participate in a book signing and the date and time was firmed up so I wanted to start getting the word out because Barnes and Noble is going all out with door prizes and such! So if you live anywhere in the area, be sure and drop by and say hi!

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    • Thanks, Tom, can’t wait! They’ll have Jaguar Pride, but they should have other books in the series. If you are looking for particulars and they don’t have them, just ask them to order them and put your name on them. I’ll sign them when I get there. That happened in one case where a lady living two states away heard I was signing and she bought the books, the manager had them set out especially for her, and after I autographed them, she had them shipped to her. It was so neat. 🙂

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