Author Cora Blu: I never truly utilized Twitter, until…

With all the social media outlets for authors to choose from, for me, the decision comes down to one thing. Which site provides the most exposure to new readers?
We all know Twitter is not as social as Facebook. In my humble opinion, it reads like a storefront for a mass of vendors. But this week I found out you never discount a venue because it doesn’t show immediate feedback.
I’ve had my Twitter account connected to FB and my website to cut down on time away from writing. In the last month, I’ve published my first Sci-fi interracial romance. I posted a few excerpts that automatically feed to Twitter…
This week I received an email from Twitter notifying me of a new follower.
McKenzie Westmore, host of the Syfy channel’s show Faceoff is following me.
Talk about fan girl moment.
I was completely floored that my name made it to her eyes. If you’re unfamiliar with the Westmore brand, Michael Westmore is the make-up artist for Star Trek and McKenzie’s father.
You never know whose watching so even if you can’t devote a few minutes to social media make certain you have your links connected.
How to connect: If you have WordPress, go to your dashboard and add the Twitter media button. On FB, where you set up security, you have the option for your posts to feed to other media. Although Twitter only allows for 140 characters, they provide a link back to the article. Stay visible.

If you’re wondering about the book, here’s my shameless plug.
1960 a black maid from Georgia is abducted by the captain of an alien race. He’s lost his human wife to childbirth, and decides he’ll need help from a human female to help raise his daughter. After realizing keeping the women will kill the fire he loves about her, he offers her a position working for the US government and the aliens as a spy, if she agrees to spend every weekend with him and his daughter. When her new partner shows interest in her, Captain Aroc Farkus will have to pour on the charm while the three work together to bring down a black market fuel ring.
Domestic Duet is a two-book box set.

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Cora Blu

Cora Blu


Thanks so much, Cora, for sharing your exciting story with us. I’m like you in that I don’t use Twitter much, except for feeding the link to it from my WordPress account.  I had a Fan Girl moment with Sandra Brown, whose cowboy romances I love and who was from Waco, Texas. Who would have ever thought it? Anyway, she added me as a friend, and I was in awe. 🙂 <3

I love the premise of your story! Good luck with it, and many sales, Cora!!



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