The Snow was Where???

I’m writing a teasing post about all my Northern friends who have been plagued with snow and flurries and the like and will probably get more before the spring is through. But I saw so many trees and flowers in bloom, I said I’d post about that and show what it’s REALLY doing up north. lol

Then I couldn’t download my pictures from my camera to my Surface. *sigh*

I’m home now, but my camera’s on switch was turned on while it was being jostled in my bag, and so charging up my camera now. Unpack, washing towels from the disaster before I left, and repacking. 🙂 <3

daffodils and hyacinth (640x427)

Daffodils at the zoo in Milwaukee

Daffodils at the zoo in Milwaukee

We went to the zoo in Milwaukee, but didn’t get to see the wolves. I asked someone who works there and she said they’re sixteen years old. They were out in the morning, but sleep most of the day.

But they had peacocks all over. They are truly beautiful.

Milwaukee Zoo

Milwaukee Zoo

And Jaguar Pride cupcakes at Barbara Vey’s Reader’s Luncheon. Lots of fun!!

What a cupcake, eh?

What a cupcake, eh?

Okay, trying to get unpacked and do a million chores, more pictures to come!

We had a blast!

Have a super great Sunday!


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