Beauty in the Storms

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It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring.

Storms can be devastating–causing floods, fires, stirring up wind devils. But they can be beautiful too. And when we have all heat, sun, and no rain for months, we’ll look back on these stormy days with longing for their return. Of course, it would be nice to just have some gently raining days. Nice evening showers, and then the rest of the time we can play outside. But we have to take what we can get.

That means running the puppies out in the storms, losing the Internet, and having to turn off the computer. Ugh.

But, still, I love the storms, the electricity in the air, the smell of the rain on the wind, the clouds building into artistic creations, the streaks of lightning reminding us how powerful storms can be, and the sheet lightning turning on and off as if a kid discovered the light switch and was testing it out.

Okay, back to She-Wolf edits and hoping I don’t have to shut my computer down again today while I’m finishing them up. Have 50 pages to go.


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10 thoughts on “Beauty in the Storms

  1. The clouds are pretty. We’re supposed to get rain today. It has rained on and off all week. My lawn is needs mowing but it has been too wet 🙁
    I hope you got to finish your edits.

    • I heard they had tornadoes near where Donna lives. Hope you just get rain. Love the clouds. They can be beautiful. 🙂 Mine keeps drying out, so that’s good, but my bird seed is sprouting because the birds aren’t eating it fast enough. I have been pulling up more bur weeds though. Much easier when the grass is wet. 🙂

  2. Our long drought made me really appreciate the rain, but if the weather forecast is right and it rains every day for another week then I will just have to put up a white flag of surrender in my yard. Anyone have goats for sale? lol

    • lol, just enjoy not having to mow for a while because you can’t. Everyone around me got out and mowed yesterday though before it rained again. I thought of getting goats on the 5 acres I had before this. 🙂

  3. You have such an incredible voice when you write. I love the way you express yourself when you are mulling over your thoughts. Must be why I so much enjoy reading your books. Looking forward to new one.

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  4. When I say, I woul love for rain everyone looks at me with puzzle eyes. I would take two days of rain over two days of scorching sun. Everything plant is dieing right now and drought is possible. I want the rainy season to start.

    • I so agree with you! When I went to New Mexico, it had actually rained there and things looked greener than they would have otherwise. But I was so glad to get back to see how much greener we were when I returned home. One year, we had months of 110 degree heat and no rain. It was awful.

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