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Sabine Arctic Wolf and Zoerro Gray Timber Wolf

Sabine Arctic Wolf and Zoerro Gray Timber Wolf

I’m working on She-Wolf Leader of the Pack, trying to finish up edits on it, moving some scenes around which means having to change a lot of stuff around those scenes because one change changes a lot, and I was sharing the scenes with one of my beta readers from Minnesota on messages on Facebook to see if it’s working. Then I get another message from a friend, who lives in San Diego, and she warns me to stay clear of Waco, there’s been a whole lot of shooting.

So then I have to stop writing in my little fantasy world where I’m very happy and see what’s going on in the real world.

Of course, you always have lame reports just so someone can say they reported the news right away, ie, there was fighting over a parking space between rival biker gangs that left 9 dead and 18 wounded. There were 3 gangs involved. No, there were 5 gangs involved and it started in a restroom of a Twin Peaks restaurant. My daughter and SIL had informed me it was like a Hooters–scantily dressed women, drinking. We usually don’t have this kind of violence in Waco. Yes, we have crime like everywhere else.

But 150-200 bikers at one club–from different outlaw biker gangs? I was totally clueless.

We actually have a Christian biker group that meets at our library and they’re very nice. So it’s certainly not to say that all biker groups are bad. And apparently, only a very small percentage are, but these are reported to be involved in major drug crime and more.

The Central Texas Market Place is a nice place, and several new stores were just opened around the time I went to New Mexico. I do a lot of my shopping there, so I say again, I was totally clueless that anything like this could happen there.

We live halfway between Dallas and Austin, about an hour and a half, north and south of us, very much the center of Texas. We’re about 3 hours from Houston and 3 hours from San Antonio, so in the middle of all the big cities. Would we have had this deadly shootout if the restaurant hadn’t been there? From what police say, the restaurant management didn’t discourage the gathering of these biker gangs there.

Who knows. We’re so central to everything, maybe they would have just met at another hot spot. Truly, I didn’t know we had any organized crime outlaw biker hot spots to go to. But according to news reports I’ve read, and who knows how accurate they are, this one had been catering to the gangs for quite a while.

In any event, the rest of the Market Place is very family-oriented. It was a real shock to see that this could happen there. My daughter even called me from Houston, warning me they expected more trouble and not to go into Waco, and saying again I should move closer to them. I love my daughter and SIL.

Anyway, I have obedience training tonight for my puppies, and I’m seriously thinking of not going in. And I need to get something from the car dealership where I bought my car, and it’s really close to the Market Place. *sigh*

Maybe I should just stay in my fantasy world. There truly is something to be said about ignorance being bliss.

Do you ever feel clueless about things like this?


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4 thoughts on “Totally Clueless

  1. I learned of this awful business when I looked at FB right before I went to sleep. I don’t watch TV much at all so I never think of the local news. I am interested in what goes on but I guess I just think about other things. I read your blog today before the morning paper. I believe they have closed the other restaurants close by and some of the streets, but you should be able to go to those car dealers with no problem???? At least I would think so unless they have that entire access road closed. Sometimes my thinking gets me into trouble, but not the kind of trouble those people have that like to shoot each other.

    I cannot imagine how your daughter could possibly think that Houston is safer than Waco.

  2. I only check the weather, so unless someone says something to me, or I’m researching something else and happen to see the news, I don’t get it. When it comes to organized crime/drugs, it’s an all around bad scenario. Glad you weren’t visiting the center at the time. I normally never go there on the weekend because of the “crowds.” And yeah, lol, about Houston? I said that to my daughter and she just laughed. 🙂

  3. It was reported las night that 182 people were arrested. I don’t see how that will hold up. Last I heard you could not be arrested just because of who you were friends or affiliated with. Some bikers are more of a social club than a violent or criminal gang. Be careful, chances are their will be some retaliation for the nine that were killed

    • Right, but the police would have to determine who was responsible for all of the damage and knivings, shootings, everything. They’d have to detain them all to determine who was responsible. And from the sounds of it, many of the ones there were part of two big biker groups who are heavily involved in criminal acts. There were actual 5 major biker gangs that are involved in criminal acts, who were there, but it appears that 2 were responsible for the shootings. Who knows when it all shakes out though. Which is probably why the police confiscated 100 weapons. I may be wrong, but I wouldn’t think that bikers who are perfectly nice would be so heavily armed and would begin clubbing, chaining, stabbing, and shooting other bikers. Those who were not involved would still have to be processed to learn if they were involved or not. No matter what, it was a shock to me that any of this was going. Thanks, Lin, for your comment. I would hope that the social clubs, like the Christian group we have locally, were not meeting up at that restaurant.

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