Petroglyphs and Pottery Shards

Anastasia Petroglyphs at the Chaco Ruins

petroglyphs (640x427) copy

petroglyphs (2) (427x640) petroglyphs (3) (427x640)petroglyphs (4) (640x427)

And pottery shard artifacts

artifact (640x426) copypottery shard (640x427) copy

What one man sees as beauty, another sees as trash.

To me, they were beautiful creations by ancient man that help to tell his story. But to some, they are nothing more than broken pieces of pottery–trash. And the graffiti that modern people had added to the cliffs–looked similarly to the early pictures on the walls.

So trash and graffiti or beauty in the making?

It’s totally in the eye of the beholder.


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