Toads are Beautiful

I saw my first toad some months ago.

Toad (640x427)

Then I was out pulling bur weeds and baby toads, like little frogs but wartier, were hopping out of the grass. I didn’t catch them on film.

Then I took the puppies out and found this juvenile toad in the grass. Last night when I took the puppies out one last time, he was sitting on the sidewalk and both puppies ran right over him, never noticing him, thankfully. But that’s where my security light is on and the spiders have built massive webs there and the toads are out…so who would have ever thought I’d made a nice little ecological niche for toads and spiders when I replaced the security light there?

toad (2) (640x584)

This one looked like the one on the sidewalk last night, much smaller than the one hiding next to the sidewalk above.

I wish I could have caught the babies in a picture. I’ve never seen baby toads before and like many babies, they were cute. Remember, you might think toads are ugly–if you don’t do what a witch wants of you, she will turn you into a toad. Yep, I even had that happen in a book–The Vampire…In My Dreams.

Poor toads. They have such a bad reputation.

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But toads are beautiful and they do eat insects, which make them even more beautiful. Don’t you think?


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