Fun for Memorial Day? Or the Same O’ Same O’?

Well, I’ve got edits for SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble and waiting on a beta reader to see if I need to change anything more on She-Wolf, so that’s what I’m doing. Working, and working and working.

But today, at 6:30, at BN, Waco, we’re having a multiple author contest, so that will be my big exciting thing to do.

I’ve got to get back to edits, but I had to take some morning pictures too. It’s wet out and the snails were having a gathering of the clan.

Then I tried to take a macro portrait of the puppies. They move too much.  But I did get one of them where they didn’t when I was teaching them down before they got their morning meal! Bad hair day or cute and scruffy? The puppies were out in the wet grass before I fed them, and they tend to nose through the wet grass, so they don’t look half as cute as when I brushed them all up last night. Will have to try this again later. 🙂

snail on the walk copy snail on wall copy Bad Hair Day or Cute and Scruffy (640x427) In down, and didn't move (640x427)

Okay, back to writing. Have a super great, wonderful Memorial Day weekend. And if you’re in town, drop by Barnes and Noble for chances at all kinds of prizes, and I’m giving away free copies of The Vampire…In My Dreams to anyone who purchases a book at the store. (Or if you’re bringing in books to have me autograph also).

Woohoo, TGIF!!!

Are you doing anything special?


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4 thoughts on “Fun for Memorial Day? Or the Same O’ Same O’?

  1. Your puppies are the cutest things, I could sure help you spoil them! I’m so sorry I didn’t feel like staying for the festivities today. Hope you have the best time ever. Cheers

  2. Thanks so much, Tom! I’m so disappointed they didn’t let you buy a book so that I could autograph. The puppies are so scruffy. I’ve been working on so many deadlines that except for doing that, and brushing them some, I haven’t had time for much else. Hope you get to feeling better. Been there lots of times. I used to get sinus infections constantly in OK. It’s been much better down here for me. We’ll have to get together for Veteran’s Day for a lunch, if you’re available. That was fun.

  3. Absolutely will try to do lunch on Veteran’s Day. I will put a reminder on my calendar. Pills must be working, I feel better already from just the first one. I’m sure it is the cool, damp weather but I hate to complain for we will be crispy critters when it gets hot and dry. But I am a warm (or hot) weather critter so I cannot say I dread it too much. Pictures of your B&N party look like fun times.

    • Well, shoot, when I was at the signing, I was thinking about when I was going to see my daughter and then my son, and I’ll be at my son’s that day. We’ll have to try for some other time.

      I’m so glad the medicine kicked in right away. It’s miserable feeling that way. My eyes would tear up so bad that I finally found eye drips that had antihistamine in them that made all the difference in the world. We had fun, but missed seeing you last night!

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