Violent Storms Last Night–and Weird Happenings

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Midnight was approaching last night when the storms hit again. I think we had a 20% of storms. Right. So lightning illuminated the sky in a spectacular light display while thunder boomed and cracked right overhead. The wind blew so hard and the rain rushed down in torrents I really felt the house would be rubble by morning.

But none of that is all that interesting right?

No. It’s the human and puppy aspect that is. So says I. I scrambled out of bed to batten down the hatches. Something my dad would say. He was in the AF, but thought of himself as the captain of the ship.

In any event, I had to turn of the computer. I have it on at night so that a cloud service can save the data during the off hours when it won’t use up my internet time because I’m always over on it. 🙁

Anyway, so it’s wild and all I can think of is where is the safest place to be in the house. No place, really. If a tornado hits, that’s all she wrote. Literally.

The puppies were watching me run into the living room to secure the computer. They were good. No barking. Just sitting there wondering about me, and not sure about the storm. They seem to feel more secure in their crate.

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So then I went back to bed to worry about the storm. And the weird happenings began.

The light was on in the garage. I hadn’t turned it on. I never turn it on. Or rarely. Spooky music here.

So I got back out of bed and headed for the garage, poked my head inside, and tried to remember which button turned off the light without accidentally opening the garage door during the brunt of the storm. Got the right button, light didn’t go out, great, but I went back to bed. Then I thought it looked dark, so I got out of bed, peeked into the garage, light’s out. I return to bed. Puppies are watching all this weirdness, by the way, not sure what I’m up to.

A few minutes later, my phone rings. But only on the main phone. The extension in my room just remained deadly silent.

More spooky music here.

Was it the fae? Or the electrical storm that was wreaking havoc with my house in the middle of the night?

Phantom Fae

I checked the weather this morning and yep, it had changed from hardly any % of rain to 60% chance of PM thunderstorms. The radar shows storms all over our area today, right now. So not sure if they’re going to wait until the PM to start up again or let loose off and on all day. But for now, lakes of water are on my driveway, again, culverts are full of water, again, and it’s time to start the day all over–and think of being somewhere else…maybe with a Billionaire wolf in paradise!

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Hope you have a lovely Wednesday!


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3 thoughts on “Violent Storms Last Night–and Weird Happenings

  1. I have had my phone ring a couple of times in a storm and wondered if it was the lightening that caused it. Since you only had one phone ring, I would bet on that. But it’s a lot more fun to blame it on the Faeries. I would go with that one.
    My landline phone company has an all you can surf DSL internet plan that isn’t the fastest in the world but better than than those awful pay by the minute things. It is good enough to run my TV streaming service. The satellites are too sensitive to weather to suit me.
    My “Hounds of the Baskerville” were really good during the storm last night, we all listened to the wind blow and watched the lightening flashes together. Well the little dog did spend a lot of time under the bed. Some of the time I wanted to go under there with her. lol
    Oh, I made it by the store and found those autographed copies. Thanks for the tip.

    • LOL, yeah, it’s fun to blame it on the fae! What landline phone company do you have? I have AT& T and had their internet service and it was awful, unless they have something better now.

      Yeah, absolutely no TV streaming service here. If I even watch videos, like I do for research or such, it will eat up my internet really fast.

      LOL on your Hounds of the Baskerville. 🙂 I was trying to calm the puppies the other day, just being with them on the couch when we had the afternoon storms that made me shut down everything. They were upset. I finally put them in their crate and they went to sleep. It’s like a safe place for them. I tried to leave them out one night, just because we never had crated animals growing up, and they’re out all day long with me, but they wouldn’t settle down.

      We had a closet that was a storm shelter in Poteau, Oklahoma, and I’d take the kids and dogs in there and we’d camp out during the violent storms we had there. But this house has windows everywhere. Under the bed sounds good to me. I wonder if all your dogs would join you under there then?

      Thanks so much on getting the books! Hope you love them!! 🙂

      And glad the sun is now shining!!!

  2. My phone company is called Windstream, There has been several companies serve our area in the last twenty years or so. Before about ten years ago, we were isolated from everyone else. Now we can call anywhere without it causing extra charges. The areas closer to Waco always had more options to choose from. I don’t know what all is available to you now, AT&T may have bought out all the competition?? That might partly explain their poor service.

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