On Top of the World!

It just takes a writing breakthrough to make me feel that way too.

Jaguar at the Cameron Park Zoo

Jaguar at the Cameron Park Zoo

I love purple so it’s a good color. I’ve heard that some experts say that the love of purple relates to depression. Shaking head.

I’ve heard that some think in terms of thrillers, angst, so they used it in Harlequin Intrigue books to showcase the thriller aspect.

When I see purple, I just love it, nothing sinister about it.

So why am I on top of the world? I finally figured out how to open Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing.

Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing

I have been mulling this over and mulling, and mulling, and mulling, and mulling, and well, shoot, just lots and lots and lots of mulling. And getting no where. So yesterday, after spending the day writing guest blogs for SEAL Wolf Hunting, and another project I had to do that was essential, I sat down to watch a season of Castle. I love Castle. And I love Detective Beckett. And I love the detectives working with her. Everyone is fun and I love the facial expressions, and the witticisms, and the mysteries involved in solving the murders.

So what has that got to do with the breakthrough? Not a thing.

But, it gave me a much needed break after writing two books. And so, this morning I was back to mulling. I had an idea of how I wanted to open the story. Conflict, romance, mystery, intrigue, setting, plot. But not how to really write it. So the scene opens with a rip current (often mistakenly called a riptide, even by moi), and that was it. I used that for my description of the setting and took off with it. And wrote 3 days worth of word count. Does that mean I can goof off for 2 days? Nope. It means I can try to do the same thing tomorrow. And the next day. Until I get stumped again.

The great part? I’m having fun. No more mulling. Just diving in and writing.

Oh, and I want to be able to write one book a year and be as rich as Castle. 🙂

Have a super great purple day! Unless you like blue better. Or some other color! For now, I’m getting busy with writing some more!


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