If You Were a Billionaire…

My hero needs a sporty, expensive, new convertible. Yes, the classics are just wonderful, but he’s a wolf, lived a long life, and he had all the “classics” when they were new. So he likes new. Not boxy. But hot and sexy and sporty.

So I posted this on FB, and I LOVE my readers. I had so many wonderful picks I can’t decide which he likes the best.

So here are my favorites and some that aren’t:


Bugati Veyron



Rolls Royce






Mercedes Benz

Picture of 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia Convertible, exterior



Aston Martin


Bentley–I’ve decided that the hero has to give this car to the heroine. Love that color! 🙂



And the list of hot convertibles for one wolf billionaire goes on. So if you were one, what would your choice be?

I am back to writing one last guest blog for SEAL Wolf Hunting, and starting to work on Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing.

Hope you have a lovely day! I’m off to ride in that sports car with the wolfish hero!


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6 thoughts on “If You Were a Billionaire…

  1. Since I am a very biased and opinionated car guy, I will try to be very careful here. What did your character have in mind when he chose his car? Was it to attract women or to satisfy his own little “fast car demon”? Where is the main setting of the story, United States, Europe, etc? My strong, (read HUGE) bias against any car not conceived and manufactured in our great US of A makes me want to urge you to ignore any of the others. However, I would choose one that fits the story location/setting. My favorite of the ones you show here is the Mustang because I am a Ford guy. But it doesn’t quite keep with the pricey trend of some others. Of the “furrin” ones, I love Jaguars. I think I might could get over my hangup if I could afford one. lol

    • lol, you’re so funny, Tom! Okay, he’s a California wolf. He’s lived for a lot of years, so I’m thinking he could have a classic car, like a Mustang when he made his first million, and he’s kept it for all these years, then he has something new to appease the need to have new. I love the Jaguar too. I think I have that in one of my jaguar stories. The heroine had it, but it was a classic also. I need to look it up.

      My dad always said (and you probably notice I quote him a lot) that the new “hot”–as in name and price tag–sports cars all look boxy now and the same. And some really do. Mustangs were so cute. So classy and recognizable, but they’ve lost a lot of that really unique look. It’s cute, but nothing like the classics.

      I’m thinking of really different, because a billionaire wolf is different. He has to hide what he is, but he can stand out in other ways among his human peers. Not that he needs to, but that it’s just a facade. Then he has this other side–his wild wolf side that loves to return to nature–no fancy trimmings, no high tech stuff, just a retreat to the wild.

      My dad had American cars, except once. The Iseta. He was always working on it, and back then, the directions were all in German. lol. But before that and after, he always had American. The cost to replace any parts when the car was foreign back in those days was so high, he could barely afford it. But he did love that car. 🙂

  2. After I posted I thought of my almost lifetime fascination with the James Bond 007 stories so do not forget the Aston Martin. Those Isetas were made by BMW and had motorcycle engines. One of my cousins had one, it was sure different back in the early 60’s. I think of Steve Erckle. LOL “Did I do THAT?”

    • Yeah, the Aston Martin is really neat. When I looked at the picture of the James Bond Goldeneyes one, it was so cute. So cool. So much more unique than what they’re putting out today.

      Somehow my sister and I and my parents and the miniature and toy poodles all fit in that Isetta. Somehow. 🙂

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