It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, the Puppies AREN’T Snoring!

Storms (1280x853) Storm cloud puffs (800x533)

Storms the other day. Yes, they were that black, and the strange puffs of clouds below the big storm clouds? I had never seen anything like it so took pictures of them.

Yesterday, it poured at 3 separate times and the last, the puppies were shook up over the thunder, so we moved to the couch where they were fine. Here they are after the storms passed.

Couch Potato Puppies

Couch Potato Puppies

So our newest deal for potty breaks is the puppies are good about telling me they want to go out. BUT, as soon as they get on the wet grass, bugs start hopping about. And then two furry puppies start hopping about trying to catch happy meals. Ugh. Which means, they totally forgot why they wanted to go out in the first place.

And that meant at 3 am this morning, Max HAD to go. Guess what? It was pouring, again. I hadn’t expected that, hadn’t heard the rain, so I was standing out in the rain without a jacket while they FINALLY did their thing.

Now, I’d been checking the weather all day yesterday, and every time it poured, it said we had around 20% chance of rain. Oh, and it was like 90, or at least felt that way and 99% humidity. I felt I was in Florida right after a beautiful storm because it would cool down and heat up right away and then it was like a steamy jungle.

Oh, and, I had a breakthrough on my writing, so in two days, I wrote 10,000 words! Now, if only I could keep up the momentum, but I always get stuck. Even now, I’m like, I could write the end. No, it’s too soon. What do I do next???

🙂  But I’m having fun and that’s the important part!

When the puppies got me up at 3, I couldn’t get back to sleep, so for about 2 hours I clock watched, hate it when I do that, and tried to come up with the next scene in my head. I think I fell asleep, and then my daughter called me on her way to work in south Houston. Roads were clear to drive on. But there went my sleep, which is overrated. I’d rather talk to my daughter.

So today? My word count might not be quite as good! I was checking the weather to see what we are in for today. Only 20% chance of rain. 80% tomorrow. Uh-huh, uh-huh…..

Have a super great terrific TGIF!!!


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2 thoughts on “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, the Puppies AREN’T Snoring!

  1. Great storm pictures. A fellow I worked for did some wonderful nighttime lightening bolt pictures and I have wanted to try it ever since. But I cannot seem to coordinate my insomnia with the storms. Maybe one day? Or night.

    • Thanks! I love lightning bolt pictures, have tried to capture them, but need a different lenses or a different photographer. LOL 🙂 I have caught some on video, but more sheet lightning than anything.

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