Exercise at the Job…or Around It

Getting ready to exercise

Getting ready to exercise

Okay, I have a jogging board, walking board, that allows me to jog in place without as much of an impact on the cement/tile floor, so much better on the body. Since getting the puppies, I haven’t used it. I actually was using it as a Place for the puppies to go to when I was training them. So here I am, trying to take my jogging board back as Max wants to know why I’m on his Place and Tanner is just as curious.

Training on 3 platforms for Place

Training on 3 platforms for Place

So you can see why Max thought this was HIS Place, not mine.

I decided some of my problem with trying to stick to this is that I need something that actually measures how far I “walk” or that measures steps. I needed a pedometer. So I picked up one and then I was telling my daughter about it and she said I already had one–on the new phone. Don’t you love technology? So I need to take the other back.

But yes! I do, and so I stuck it in a fanny pack and began to exercise, reached my moderate goal of 6,000 steps, which was 3 miles, I think, and went way beyond. I’ll increase the level later, but for now, I need to get back into the swing of it. Some of my writer friends have laptops set up on a treadmill. So that’s a neat way to exercise too.

Sitting for so much of the day, except to take photos, and walk the puppies, and play with them, and feed them, and train them, I really don’t get enough exercise. Sooo, it’s a start.

Hopefully now I’ll stick with it. I have a buddy who is also working on this. That helps also. To have someone who you talk to so you don’t slip. Kind of like my word count. If I share how much I intend to write, and then tell the truth–I was 300 words short yesterday (but still 7,000 words over my original goal–so feeling great about that), it helps to keep after the goals. I will make up for the 300 word shortage and my 2,000 word goal for today. That will mean I’m a 1/4 of the way through the book!

Which is where I’m going next!

So have a terrific day! I’m off to write, and catch up on my exercise!


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